Between Wars

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Between Wars
Directed byMichael Thornhill
Produced byMichael Thornhill
Written byFrank Moorhouse
StarringCorin Redgrave
Music byAdrian Ford
CinematographyRussell Boyd
Edited byMax Lemon
Edgecliff Films
McElroy and McElroy
T and M Films
Distributed byVincent Library
Umbrella Entertainment
Release date
15 November 1974
Running time
101 minutes

Between Wars is an Australian 1974 drama/war film released on 15 November 1974. It was directed by Michael Thornhill and written by Frank Moorhouse.


Four episodes in the life of doctor Edward Trenbow:

  • In 1918 Trenbow is treating shell-shocked soldiers from the front.
  • In the 1920s he works as a psychiatrist at the Sydney insane asylum and becomes involved in experiments in Freudian psychiatry, which bring him to the attention of a Royal Commission.
  • In the 1930s he works as a doctor in a small country town and becomes involved in a fight against the New Guard.
  • In 1939 he is working in Sydney as a psychiatrist and tries to defend a German psychiatrist who is being interned as a member of the Australia First Movement.[citation needed]


  • Corin Redgrave as Dr Edward Trenbow
  • Judy Morris as Deborah Trenbow
  • Gunter Meisner as Dr Karl Schneider
  • Arthur Dignam as Dr Peter Avante
  • Patricia Leehy as Marguerite
  • Jone Winchester as Deborah's mother
  • Brian James as Deborah's father
  • Reg Gillam as Trenbow's father
  • Betty Lucas as Trenbow's mother
  • Neil Fitzpatrick as Lance Backhouse[citation needed]


Director Michael Thornhill was good friends with writer Frank Moorehouse and they had worked together on several short films. Moorehouse wrote the script in 1970, originally for television[2] and it was revived a few years later. Half the budget came from the Australian Film Development Corporation and the other half from a property developer.[1][3]

Filming took place over six weeks in February and March 1974 with interiors at the former studios of Cinesound Productions at Bondi and locations in Gulgong and Melbourne,[1] it was the first feature from cinematographer Russell Boyd.[4]


Thornhill decided to distribute the film himself at first. Initial reviews were good but the box office performance was not strong and distribution was taken over by the Vincent Library;[1] the movie did not return its cost.[2]

Home Media[edit]

Between Wars was released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment in January 2011; the DVD is compatible with all region codes.[5]


In 1976, the Australian Cinematographers Society awarded the film's cinematographer Russell Boyd with Cinematographer of the Year award for the film.


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