Bevara Sverige Svenskt

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Sticker from BSS warning Swedish girls not to shame their race by having sex with "negroes".
Early campaign sticker of the Sweden Democrats using the Keep Sweden Swedish slogan.

Bevara Sverige Svenskt (BSS, "Keep Sweden Swedish") was a Swedish [1][2] movement based in Stockholm and is a slogan used by various Swedish nationalist parties. The stated objective of the BSS movement, and the aim of the slogan, was to initiate a debate in order to stop immigration by non-Europeans and repatriate non-ethnic Swedes. Inspiration came from the post-WW2 fascist organisation Nysvenska Rörelsen created by Per Engdahl.[3]

Founded as a loosely organised network in 1979[2] by Leif Zeilon, and formalised as an organisation in 1983, BSS was involved with the populist Progress Party (Swedish: Framstegspartiet) in 1986; this co-operation took place under the name Sweden Party (Swedish: Sverigepartiet). This cooperation evolved into the Sweden Democrats (Swedish: Sverigedemokraterna) (SD) in 1988.[4]

Claiming not to be racists, their often aggressive sticker campaigns arguably indicated otherwise with slogans such as "Låt inte din dotter bli en negerleksak" (Don't let your daughter become a negro toy) and "Negrer hotar sina offer" (Negros threaten their victims).[1]

Although the number of members was comparatively small, BSS represented the first organised attempt to reduce immigration and as a result received massive media attention.[citation needed]

The slogan "Keep Sweden Swedish" was taken on by the Sweden Democrats and became prevalent during 2003-2004, when it was used for headlines in the party newspaper "SD Kuriren" and as a slogan on bumper stickers.[citation needed]


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