Beyond Elysian Fields

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Beyond Elysian Fields
Beyond Elysian Fields.jpg
Studio album by
GenreAlternative rock
LabelInvisible Hands Music
ProducerTony Visconti
Hugh Cornwell chronology
In the Dock
Beyond Elysian Fields

Beyond Elysian Fields is an album by Hugh Cornwell. It was produced by Tony Visconti and released by Invisible Hands Music in 2004 in the UK, with a worldwide release in 2005.

Critical reception[edit]

Adam Morton of The Age complimented Cornwell's "clipped, dry delivery" on the songs "Under Her Spell" and "Beauty on the Beach", but added that "melodies wane and lyrics become laboured on later tracks" such as "24/7".[1] Helen Wright of MusicOMH described the album as "something like a cross between [Bob] Dylan and Dire Straits at their best ... with a dash of the Traveling Wilburys for good measure." Wright also cautioned, "If you preferred the early Stranglers you'll probably hate this album."[2] Graham Rockingham The Hamilton Spectator wrote, "Beyond Elysian Fields doesn't contain the in-your-face attitude of Stranglers' songs like 'Peaches', 'Grip' or 'Hangin' Around' ... but it does contain that sardonic sense of humor and unmistakable voice. Cornwell's songwriting ventures into all sorts of unexpected territory."[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Land of a Thousand Kisses" - 4:55
  2. "Cadiz" - 4:13
  3. "Do Right Bayou" - 2:21
  4. "Under Her Spell" - 3:13
  5. "Beauty On The Beach" - 3:41
  6. "The Story of Harry Power" - 4:17
  7. "24/7" - 3:47
  8. "Mr.Big" - 2:53
  9. "Picked Up By the Wind" - 3:10
  10. "I Don`t Mind" - 3:01
  11. "Henry Moore" - 6:01


  • Hugh Cornwell - vocals, guitar
  • Steve Lawrence - bass guitar, organ, piano
  • Windsor McGilvray - drums
  • Tony Visconti - recorder, castanets
  • Scott Bourgeois - flute

Beyond Acoustic Fields[edit]

Beyond Acoustic Fields, is a limited edition CD, only available on tour, performed by Cornwell with acoustic guitar and vocal only and was recorded by Tony Visconti at his New York studio Looking Glass, to give Visconti an idea of the songs before producing the full album with the band.

Track listing: "Cadiz", "Beauty on the Beach", "The Land of a Thousand Kisses", "24/7", "Henry Moore", "The Story of Harry Power", "Picked up by the Wind", "Do Right Bayou", "Under Her Spell"


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