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Bhoite Saranjam was one of the political saranjams of British India under the Bombay Presidency.[1][page needed] Its capital was Jalgaon City. It was a Maratha jagir of the Bhoite clan.[citation needed]

The ruler was honoured by the titles such as Pargana Vatandar, Jagirdar and Inamdar rendered as Raja Inamdar Bahadur being Saranjamdar (Holder of Saranjam).[citation needed] The rulers have their root from Satara District Villages Viz. Tadawale, Wagholi, Hingangaon and Aradgaon. Current descendants ancestor Shrimant Sardar Tulajirao Bhoite Sarkar established Capital Jalgaon and built a fortress referred to as Bhoite Gadhi with his ancestors.[citation needed]

HH Maharaja Tryambakrao Bapurao Bhoite Inamdar, Saranjam Ruler of Jalgaon, Eastern Khandesh, image of 1939.

Bhoite Saranjams ruler was brother branches of Bhoite Sarnoubat and Senakartas of Satara and prominent among Maratha Politics.[2][page needed][clarification needed]

This Saranjam was annexed on 1 November 1952.[3][page needed]

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