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This bibliography of Abraham Lincoln is a comprehensive list of written and published works about or by Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States. In terms of primary sources containing Lincoln's letters and writings, scholars rely on The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, edited by Roy Basler, and others,[1] it only includes writings by Lincoln, and omits incoming correspondence. In the six decades since Basler completed his work, some new documents written by Lincoln have been discovered. Previously, a project was underway at the Papers of Abraham Lincoln to provide "a freely accessible comprehensive electronic edition of documents written by and to Abraham Lincoln";[2] the Papers of Abraham Lincoln completed Series I of their project The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln in 2000. They electronically launched The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln, Second Edition in 2009,[3] and published a selective print edition of this series.[4] Attempts are still being made to transcribe documents for Series II (non-legal, pre-presidential materials) and Series III (presidential materials).[5]

There have been 16,000 books published on Lincoln—125 on the assassination alone—more than any other American;[6][7] this listing is therefore highly selective and is based on the reviews in the scholarly journals, and recommended readings compiled by scholars.



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Booknotes interview with David Herbert Donald on Lincoln, December 24, 1995, C-SPAN[8]
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  • Goodwin, Doris Kearns. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln (2005), winner of the Lincoln Prize, basis for Lincoln.
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Booknotes interview with Allen Guelzo on Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President, April 16, 2000, C-SPAN[9]
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Booknotes interview with Mark Neely on The Last Best Hope of Earth, June 12, 1994, C-SPAN[10]

Specialty topics[edit]

Historiography and memory[edit]

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Booknotes interview with Merrill Peterson on Lincoln in American Memory, August 14, 1994, C-SPAN[11]
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Lincoln in art and popular culture[edit]

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Primary sources[edit]

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  • Stowell, Daniel W., et al., eds. The Papers of Abraham Lincoln: Legal Documents and Cases. (4 vols.) University of Virginia Press, 2008

Attacks on Lincoln[edit]

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  • Marshall, John A., American Bastille (1870) Fifth edition: A History of the Illegal Arrests and Imprisonment of American Citizens in the Northern and Border States on Account of Their political opinions during the late Civil War. Part 1
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