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Madonna's life and career has generated numerous books and academic material.

The life and work of American singer and songwriter Madonna has generated various academic studies.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] Since the 1980s a variety of writers, journalists, biographers, essayists and cultural critics; as well as intellectuals, sociologists, philosophers, congressmen, playwrights, artists and others have reviewed her work in multiple publications, books and essays, dedicated to her total or partially and distributed by music and academic publishing.[a]

The justification the creation of studies and bibliography focused on Madonna and validity that they have is a subject of debate among scholars and academics. These studies analyzed several topics, but mostly Madonna Studies involved in the study of gender, sexuality, and the mass media. One of her advocates is Annalee Newitz saying that to "the university communities Madonna occupies a definite place in the curriculum of post-Western cultures in universities worldwide".[8] Professor and media scholar John Fiske explained that all cultural studies focus primarily on finding a hidden meaning within a social aspect —for example, a Madonna video— so it takes a more comprehensive analysis to provide an appropriate context —in this case, on the work of singer—.[9] Similarly, the American psychologist Susan Fiske, noted that "cultural studies about Madonna only analyze texts and how your audience uses the material to relate to the social construction that is Madonna.[10] French academic Georges Claude Guilbert, who has written three books about Madonna, said in one of them "is a bit excessive admiration imply that scholars have for Madonna is the result of a common hostility to censorship". Given her constant social provocations, often with political overtones, the novelist Andrew O'Hagan said that "Madonna is like a heroic opponent of cultural and political authoritarianism of the American "establishment".[11]

Many authors have written more than a book about Madonna and these have been published in many languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Scottish Gaelic and more. According to journalist Annalee Newitz, "The academics in the fields of theology to queer studies have written literally volumes about what Madonna's fame means for gender relations, American culture, and the future".[8] In this way, many authors, including Matthew Rettenmund (Encyclopedia Madonnica; 1995), agree that Madonna is "the world's greatest artist" while others classify her as "the most powerful or famous woman in the world".[12][13][14][15]

Some works released includes Madonna: An Intimate Biography (2002) by J. Randy Taraborrelli, Madonna (2001) by Andrew Morton, Madonna: Like an Icon (2007) by Lucy O'Brien, Life with My Sister Madonna (2008) by her brother Christopher Ciccone, Madonna: Bawdy and Soul (1997) authoring of Karlene Faith, Desperately Seeking Madonna: In Search of the Meaning of the World's Most Famous Woman (1993) by journalist Adam Sexton and more. Resulting sometimes in positive or mixed reviews from entertainment critics and academics and some becoming in bestseller.

List of books about Madonna[edit]

NB: Much of the following examples have reissues.


Year Book title Release details Notes
1985 Madonna: Like a Virgin Published in December 1985 by Omnibus Press, the book contains 32 pages and the author is Christina Blake.[16]
1985 Madonna: Lucky Star Written by Canadian theatre director, film director, screenwriter, and dramaturge, Michael Mackenzie. The book contains 94 pages and was released in March 1985.[17]
1985 Madonna Released in September 1985, is the last of biographies series by Gordon Matthews.[19] This book is illustrated by Amanda Rubin and has 63 pages. He examined to Madonna as a new singer.[18][20]
1985 Madonna Edited by Philip Kamin and published in August 1985 through International Music Publications. The book contains 32 pages.[21]
1985 Madonna Is a bibliography on board book authoring of Anton Rush. Was released in June 1985.[22][23]
1985 Madonna! The first Madonna bibliography by Mark Bego. Contains 189 pages and was released in May 1985.[24][25]
1986 Madonna Author and television producer Keith Elliot Greenberg, traces the life and career of Madonna and her appearances in music videos and movies.[26] There is another version in 1999 detailing how an unknown Madonna wanting to be a star, she became a famous artist.[27]
1987 Madonna
  • ISBN 9780898722017
  • Publisher: Turman Publishing Company
  • Author: Jessica Maxwell
  • Pages: 76
The original title is Madonna: Reading Success Paperback Book. Columnist Jessica Maxwell, who has eventually worked in Travel + Leisure, Esquire or Forbes, wrote this book that contain 76 pages and was released in May 1987.[28][29]
1988 Madonna: The Illustrated Biography
  • ISBN 978-0711914667
  • Publisher: Omnibus Press (Music Sales Group)
  • Author: Debbi Voller
  • Pages: 96
Released in November 1988 by Debbi Voller through Omnibus Press, this book contain 96 pages. Voller analyzes Madonna's fashion style and according to the author, she became in one of the most successful female pop artists in history.[30]
1988 Madonna Work by Kate Preston and Peter Beynon, and NIACE as collaborator.[31] Is part of Rock Biographies Series and this edition is of 20 pages. Was released in August 1988.[32]
1989 Madonna The Biography English writer, editor, marketer, producer, broadcaster and composer Robert Matthew-Walker original published his Madonna bibliography in October 1989.[33] There is another version in 1991 with 160 pages. Robert examines her upbringing in Detroit, her early career in New York where she worked as a dancer, and the people who helped her to fulfil her musical ambitions. He analyzes her business acumen and her marriage to Sean Penn.[34]


Year Book title Release details Notes
1990 Madonna in Her Own Words Is the first release of books series Madonna: In Her Own Words. Published in December 1990, was written by Mick St Michael through editorial Omnibus Press and this version contains 128 pages.[35] A German version was published in 1991 by house publisher Goldmann, titled Madonna: Selbstbekenntnisse.[36] There are other versions in English in 1997 and 1999.[37][38] In 2004 a similar version was published under the same publisher and author but this time for the book series Talking S.[39] In general, author Mick St Michael wrote that "Girl power began with Madonna... Everyone has an opinion of Madonna and She is the voice of the 80s".[38][39]
1990 Madonna Special Pictorial book that contains 48 pages and is written by Kesta Desmond.[40][41]
1991 Madonna Was published in June 1991 by Marie Cahill in Simon & Schuster. Cahill wrote Madonna's life and her career in the beginnings in New York, her marriage to Sean Penn and her worldwide success of Blond Ambition Tour.[42][43] There is another version in 1992 with 93 pages and released through Omnibus Press.[44]
1991 Madonna: Unauthorized American journalist Christopher Andersen, wrote this unauthorized biography whose first release edition is in October 1991. In 350 pages, Andersen includes the comments of Madonna's family, friends, former lovers, and associates and describes her strict Catholic upbringing, her rise to stardom, her celebrity romances, and more topics.[45] There is another version in 1992 through Island Books.[46]
1991 Like a Virgin: Madonna Revealed It is the first Madonna bibliography of international journalist and biographer Douglas Thompson, who released this book in October 1991. To write this work, Thompson interviewed several personal relationships of Madonna, including Warren Beatty, Sean Penn and Emilio Estevez.[47]
1991 Madonna Superstar: Photographs With the original title Madonna Superstar: Photographs (Schirmer's Visual Library) is a book with pictures and brief text, talking about Madonna's career from the release of her first album, her forays into motion pictures and her world tours.[48]
1991 Madonna: Her Complete Story an Unauthorized Biography
  • ISBN 978-0451822468
  • Publisher: Publications International LTD
  • Author: David James
  • Pages: 80
Author David James described her early life, music, movies, videos, concert tours and her private life.[49][50]
1992 Madonna: The Book Originally released in September 1992 through William Morrow and Company, author Norman King with commentaries on her life and music, her marriage to Sean Penn to her relationship with Warren Beatty and Sandra Bernhard. According with American Library Association... "Both King and Christopher [Andersen] (Madonna: Unauthorized, 1991) seem to have drawn from a common pool of information". He quoted from academics, and expressed "Madonna's mythic origins and her rise to colossal status in the music industry".[51]
1992 The Madonna Scrapbook Was released in September 1992 and the original title is The Madonna Scrapbook (A Citadel Press book). Is a scrapbook which covers her career year by year including concert pictures, album and magazine covers and spreads, Madonna dolls and T-shirts, and more, features many photographs of Madonna never seen before.[52][53]
1992 Madonna Illustrated Published through Hyperion Books in October 1992, this book contains 112 pages and the author is the music critic and professor of journalism, Tim Riley. Is large-format tribute to Madonna and generally, contain more than one hundred photographs.[54]
1992 Madonna: The New Illustrated Biography Following the pattern of the 1988 book, Madonna: The illustrated biography, Debbi Voller reviewed again deeply Madonna's career to date, with illustrations.[55] Was released in October 1992 through Music Sales Corporation.
1992 Madonna Special Collections of photographs of Blond Ambition World Tour by John Kercher.[56][57] In 1990, an eponymous book was released by the same publisher, but by Kesta Desmond.
1992 Madonna Revealed/The Unauthorized Biography Another Madonna bibliography by broadcaster and journalist Douglas Thompson, who released Like a Virgin: Madonna Revealed (1991). In this book, he describes her backgrounds and suggests how it influenced her later career and her rise to mega-stardom.[58][59]
1992 Madonna: The Style Book It is another bibliography about Madonna by Debbie Voller, who wrote Madonna: The illustrated biography (1988) and Madonna: The New Illustrated Biography (1992). Also, is the first release of her books series Madonna: The Style Book. This edition contains 94 pages, and she attempts to analyze the style and look that has made Madonna one of the most successful female pop artists in history, concentrating on her fashion sense.[60] There is another updated edition in 1999, with 126 pages the secrets of Madonna's style, how she handles her image and her life from her emergence in 1983 up to her style from her Ray of Light album. Includes a How to section on her unique dress sense, make-up and her worldwide influence on beauty and fashion.[61]
1992 Madonna: Blonde Ambition, The Inside Story Is other bibliography about Madonna by author Mark Bego, who published Madonna! in 1985. Was released in 1992 by Harmony Books.[62][63][64] Another edition, was offered for sale in July 2000, receiving a good review by American academic and social critic Camille Paglia, who call "the strongest of several [Madonna] biographies".[65] In the 2000 book, Bego based the biography in part on interview with Madonna and focuses closely on her musical accomplishments, calling her pioneering work in rock videos, her manipulations of religious and sexual controversy, and her ability to constantly reinvent her image; while giving equal time to her relationships, her personal and professional exploits and multifaceted career. Bego called to Madonna as "the greatest pop diva of our time".[65]
1993 Desperately Seeking Madonna: In Search of the Meaning of the World's Most Famous Woman Was released in December 1992 and contains 316 pages.[13] An anthology book, music journalist Adam Sexton said that "Madonna has been interpreted in almost every way possible"... "from cartoons, to academic essays to tabloid journalism", uncover as many interpretations of Madonna's appeal as is possible, calling to Madonna "the World's Most Famous Woman". The book received a good critics by Library Journal and Publishers Weekly.[13][66]
1993 Madonna: Portrait of a Material Girl Offered for sale in March 1993. Rebecca Gulick includes full-color photograph, recounting the life and career of Madonna, calling as to "tremendously successful pop icon, that changes frequently her image and makeovers with charisma and many talents".[67]
1993 Madonna: The Early Days It is a picture book with some photographs of Madonna and her friends in their early, written by Michael MacKenzie, who wrote the book Madonna: Lucky Star (1995).[68]
1993 I Dream of Madonna: Women's Dreams of the Goddess of Pop Academic Kay Turner, who work in pop stars like Madonna and other topics like the Virgin Mary, folk art from recycled materials, lesbian rock bands, women's art, and feminism, wrote this book with David Kolwyck as an illustrator. Is considered like an offbeat book of Dada art object, collecting the dreams of 50 women about Madonna, accompanied by color collages. Turner, asserts that Madonna has invaded the psyches of women as a symbol of fearlessness, sexuality free of shame, and self-realization. The women whose dreams she records include homemakers, teenagers, grandmothers, a professor and a banker. Some dream of rescuing Madonna from danger; others dream of making love to her; in one dream the pop star is a policewoman. To most of the dreamers, Madonna is a sisterly companion or empowering friend.[69][70][71]
1993 Madonna Biography written by Theresa Celsi.[72] There is another version in 1995.[73]
1993 Madonna speaks Is a book of Madonna Quotations, compiled by Mike Fleiss.[74][75]
1994 Madonna: Pop Culture Legends The authors, Leeza Gibbons and Nicole Clear analyzed Madonna's desire to succeed and excel. The self-confidence and ambition, combined with the labor force that led to the development of his multifaceted talents. They also talk about their sexuality and sassy style that has led to criticism from religious groups and feminists. They places her revolutionary style against the backdrop of the cultural milieu of the time. Form part from the books series Pop Culture Legends and was released in January 1994, receiving good reviews by School Library Journal and Booklist.[76]
1994 Madonna Megastar: Photographs Picture book by Camille Paglia with photographs of Madonna from 1988–1993 in some 136 pages and published in December 1994.[77]
1995 Encyclopedia Madonnica Offered for sale on March 15, 1995, the book contain 207 pages. Emulating an encyclopedia, author Matthew Rettenmund in an exhaustive compilation wrote every aspect of Madonna's life (covered the first 12 years of Madonna's career):[78] Madonna's friends, enemies, favorite restaurants, hometown, music videos, sex life, Madonna's favorite magazines and more. Booklist author, Mike Tribby said "basically if you like Madonna, you'll like this book, and if you hate her, you'll like it just as well".[79] Matthew Rettenmund expressed: "the book was a big hit—it sold well for over a decade, was published in Japan and led to quite a few TV appearances for me as a Madonna expert".[80] Finally, he called to Madonna as "the biggest star in the world".[12]
1995 Material Girls: Making Sense of Feminist Cultural Theory While it is not a book written entirely about Madonna, author Suzanna Danuta Walters focus her work on Madonna, Murphy Brown, Thelma & Louise, examining the feminist cultural theory, critiquing the dominance of psychoanalytic and postmodern analyses. Was published in June 1995 through University of California Press.[81]
1996 Madonna: Her Story Another Madonna bibliography by Michael MacKenzie, who wrote Madonna: the early days (1993) and Madonna: Lucky Star (1985). This book was released in January 1996.[82]
1996 Guilty Pleasures: Feminist Camp from Mae West to Madonna While it is not a book written entirely about Madonna, Pamela Robertson examines her theoretical discussion of female performance and spectatorship in detailed studies of figures such Mae West, Joan Crawford and Madonna.[83]
1997 Madonna: Bawdy and Soul Published in September 1997 through University of Toronto Press by Canadian writer, feminist, scholar, and human rights activist Karlene Faith. The author analyzes Madonna from a feminist perspective through her songs, videos, tours, films and disputes resulting from the audience, critics and intellectuals. Also, Faith called to Madonna as a mainstream hero and she wrote that "Madonna signifies the times we live in. We are, in a sense, all responsible for who Madonna is. As fans, moral critics, media journalists, or university scholars, we mediate what she means to our society".[84]
1997 Madonna: The Rolling Stone Files: The Ultimate Compendium of Interviews, Articles, Facts and Opinions from the Files of Rolling Stone Contains 288 pages and was offered on sale in May 1997. Is a compilation by Rolling Stone of files such as interviews, features, reviews, album reviews, buzzwords and catchphrases of Madonna. Mike Tribby from Booklist wrote that "is long on admiration for Ms. Ciccone's career management, long on buzzwords and catchphrases, and short on restraint[...] An excellent companion to Encyclopedia Madonnica (1995), albeit not as excellent all by itself".[85]
1998 The Complete Guide to the Music of Madonna Is the Madonna book for the books series Complete Guide to the Music Of... from Omnibus Press, guides to the music of the world's best known acts. The book examines every recorded song in her catalogue to date, and acts as a consumer's critical guide. Shaped like a CD box, it is designed to sit alongside the reader's existing CD collection. Was released in April 1998.[86] There is another updated edition in 2004.[87]
1999 The Madonna Companion: Two Decades of Commentary Written by Allan Metz & Carol Benson in 312 pages. Carefully outlined the life of Madonna and commenting that during her first decade career generated more than US$1200 million, thanks to her reinvention[88][89] There is another updated edition in 2000.[90]
1999 Livewire Real Lives Madonna Is part of books serie The Real Lives books that are about famous people from the worlds of: Sport; Film and Music; Politics and History. In the Madonna book, author Julia Holt wrote how has changed her 'look' many times containing pictures.[91]


Year Book title Release details Notes
2001 Madonna: An Intimate Biography J. Randy Taraborrelli, chronicling the life of Madonna. The original edition was released in April 2001, and contains 416 pages; also debuted atop The New York Times Best Seller list. Apart from other languages, there is published in 2002 the Spanish version, under the editorial Ediciones B with 467 pages.[92]
2001 Goddess Released in November 2001 by house publisher HarperCollins and written by journalist Barbara Victor. To write the book Victor spent more than eighteen months in Michigan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, California, New York, and Florida, interviewing Madonna's father and stepmother, her grandmother and other family members, as well as friends, neighbors, business associates, and former lovers and colleagues. As a result of her extensive research, Barbara revealed new intimacies of her private life and aspects of her career, which sets style trends, social, sexual and musical.[93][94]
2001 Madonna Queen of the World
  • ISBN 978-1903402528
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing
  • Author: Douglas Thompson
  • Pages: 290
Another Madonna bibliography by journalist Douglas Thompson, who wrote Like a Virgin: Madonna Revealed (1991) and Madonna Revealed/the Unauthorized Biography (1992). Was published in September 2001 and for this book, Thompson has interviewed Madonna's best friend and her school friends. He reveals the truth about her relationship with her father, and describes her rise to fame.[14]
2001 Who's That Girl?: The Ultimate Madonna Trivia Book Offered on sale in December 2001, contains 126 pages is written by pop culture expert Michael-Dante Craig who expressed in his book that "Madonna is the most famous woman in the world".[95]
2001 Maximum Madonna: The Unauthorised Biography of Madonna British author, journalist and editor Tim Footman includes comments and interviews in this audiobook for the series Maximum series.[96]
2001 The Complete Madonna
  • ISBN 978-1842401323
  • Publisher: Chrome Dreams
  • Author: Chrome Dreams Staff
  • Pages: 1 (is an audiobook)
Is an audio biographies and interview disc in abridgement form.[97]
2001 Absolute Madonna Called to Madonna as "the world's most famous woman", this audiobook form part of the Hugely Popular Absolute Series by house publisher Chrome Dreams.[15]
2002 Madonna (People in the News) Written by Andy Koopmans, musician, comedian, writer and editor. Madonna (People in the News) was published in August 2002 through Lucent books. Koopmans wrote how Madonna became one of the most powerful entertainment figures in the world and a top-earning performer and a successful businesswoman. It received good reviews from School Library Journal.[98]
2002 Madonna Andrew Morton reviewed to Madonna from the perspective of her lifestyle, ambitions and her relationships with family, friends and men, thus suggesting that Madonna herself is who controls what we read. It also examines what drives the "phenomenon Madonna" as one of the most fascinating women and enigmatic in current history. Also, he declared to "Madonna is the undisputed female icon of the modern age".[99]
2002 Madonna As Postmodern Myth It is the first book about Madonna by French writer and academic, Georges Claude Guilbert, and the only in English, for the time. Guilbert recounts that while Madonna has long been accepted as an icon of pop culture, her gives a greater cultural significance through his analysis of Madonna as a postmodern myth. Examines how Madonna devised her artistic production and her ability to target different audiences.[100]
2002 Madonna Author Jill C. Wheeler describes the life and career of Madonna.[101] The original released was in June 2002 and form part of the books serie: A & D biographies Star Tracks.[102]
2002 Madonna Style It is the series of books about the style of Madonna published by Music Sales Group and its subsidiary Omnibus Press. In this issue, unlike Debbi Voller published in 1992 and 1999, author is the freelancer journalist Carol Clerk. In 2006 another edition was published but under Arcana,[103] and over updated edition in 2007 by Omnibus Press.[104] In general, Clerk describes Madonna's most memorable creations, her sexual history, her struggles with Catholicism, her idealization of motherhood. Includes color photos.[104][105]
2003 The Inside Story of Madonna
  • ISBN 978-0825672897
  • Publisher: Schirmer Books (Music Sales Group)
  • Author: Allan Metz & Carol Benson
  • Pages: 346
Another work of Allen Metz and Carol Benson on Madonna, but this time they collect reviews, interviews and articles about media sensation by the interpreter.[106]
2004 Madonna: A Biography
  • ISBN 978-0711988712
  • Publisher: Omnibus Press (Music Sales Group)
  • Author: Paul Mathur
  • Pages: 450
Released in November 2004 by author Paul Mathur through Omnibus Press. Madonna bibliography based in musical theory for use by students and teachers.[107]
2004 Madonna in Art Released in December 2004 and written by Mem Mehmet, a follower of the arts and of Madonna's career. Mehmet considered "to Madonna is one of the great Millennial Icons, a one-woman pop phenomenon who has pushed back and blurred the boundaries of the music, film and fashion worlds... Madonna in Art is a testament to her unique global impact and a celebration of the Pop Goddess". He examined every stage of her career. It features work by over a hundred artists, including Andrew Logan, Sebastian Krüger, Al Hirschfeld, and Peter Howson. These images range across every role Madonna has played on the world stage, from erotic dancer to the dignified figure of Eva Perón in Evita film.[108]
2004 Madonna's Drowned Worlds: New Approaches to Her Cultural Transformations Academic authors explores the themes of gender, human sexuality, ethnic group and celebrity consumption through the lens of Madonna's songs, videos and shows, offering a new perspectives on Madonna's work.[109]
2004 Madonna: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Biography Madonna bibliography by Victoria Chow in 191 pages.[110]
2004 Madonna: Materialism, Image, Family Relationships, Spirituality Is a book released by the Scripture Union, describing to Madonna as the world's best selling female solo artist ever and shocking and controversial, a sex goddess and blasphemer extraordinaire... Madonna has delighted and fascinated fans worldwide. The book contain four sessions: Materialism, Image, Family Relationships, and Spirituality and was published in January 2004.[111]
2005 Madonna: Inspirations Publisher house Andrews McMeel Publishing offered on sale Madonna: Inspirations in September 2005. The entire text of the book is composed of Madonna's own words and is a book design, editing, and concept-creation company by Essential Works.[112]
2007 Madonna: A Biography Academic Mary Cross has written "fast, accurate and concise" Madonna biography (New York Post) that was widely quoted and later translated to Russian and Italian.[113][114][115][116]
2007 Madonna: Like an Icon Calling to Madonna as one of the world's most famous women, author Lucy O'Brien said that the existing books about Madonna are either gossipy style manuals or rehashes of press cuttings and they all end in 2001 with Madonna's marriage to Guy Ritchie. Here author is giving detailed analysis of her music, complete with interviews with musicians and producers. It will focus on her cultural impact and the way she uses cinema, photography, visual art, theatre and dance in her work.[117]
2007 Madonna: Express Yourself Author Carol Gnojewski a MA in Creative Arts Education in Curriculum Studies from Lesley University wrote this book offering on sale in June 2007. She described how a Madonna dancer arrived in New York with 35 dollars and big dreams and how she changed pop music forever.[118][119]
2007 A Girl Called Madonna Is a biography humor by Peter Robinson illustrated by David Whittle. Contains cartoon drawings and form part of books series Popjustice Idols.[120][121] Is published through The Friday Project Limited, an experimental imprint of HarperCollins.[122]
2008 Madonna British author Miranda Sawyer, focuses to Madonna as a taboo-breaking, a 21st-century icon and burst into the consciousness of many people in the UK.[123][124]
2008 From Mae to Madonna: Women Entertainers in Twentieth-Century America Author June Sochen examine the historical impact of women in the entertainment industry and American culture, includes Madonna and symbolic chapters Eve, Mary or Lillith.[125]
2008 Life with My Sister Madonna Christopher Ciccone is based on his life and forty-seven years of growing up with and working with his sister Madonna, considered as "the most famous woman in the world".[126]
2009 Madonna v Guy: The Inside Story of the Most Sensational Divorce in Showbiz Another Madonna bibliography by journalist Douglas Thompson, who wrote Like a Virgin: Madonna Revealed (1991), Madonna Revealed/the Unauthorized Biography (1992) and Madonna Queen of the World (2001). Having reported on Madonna for nearly two decades, Thompson in this book gives the full account of their time together (Guy Ritchie). He explains why Madonna, the mistress of reinvention, decided at 50 to rewrite the mid-life rules. Also covers Madonna's private life in United States and London, her tastes, tantrums, fears, joys.[127]


Year Book title Release details Notes
2010 Madonna: Entertainer (Women of Achievement) Journalist Hal Marcovitz wrote the beginnings of Madonna's career, getting to obtain throughout her career success in a number of films and other and now is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. Was published in November 2010 through Chelsea House Publications.[128][129]
2010 Are You My Guru?: How Medicine, Meditation & Madonna Saved My Life Released in September 2010 under the New American Library. Author is Wendy Shanker, associated with showbiz and an contributor to The Modern Jewish Girl's Guide to Guilt. Was diagnosed with a rare disease at the age of 33 years. And to lose hope in the medical option, decided to explore acupuncture and tarot readings between alternative means, clinging to her idol Madonna[130]
2011 Female Force: Madonna Published in August 2011 under Bluewater Productions. Is a bibliography in a comic book written by C.W Cooke and Fred Grivaud as an artist. Form part of the comics books by Bluewater Productions, by the serie Female Force, adding influential women who have shaped modern history and culture. Was in honor of her 53rd birthday, and contain 32-page focuses on every aspect of the Madonna life, starting with her childhood.[131][132][133] There is a Spanish edition like an ebook under Mundo Comic Nobel.[134] In general, author wrote that before there was Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, or Britney, there was Madonna.
2011 Not About Madonna: My Little Pre-Icon Roommate and Other Memoirs Much of the book deals with personal memories of Whit Hill and his friendship with Madonna when they were students at the University of Michigan. The other part is about the life of White Hill, the author of the book.[135]
2011 Madonna Written by music journalist Daryl Easlea and Eddi Fiegel a music and arts journalist and broadcaster. They cited the famous quote by Susan Sarandon: The history of women in popular music can pretty much be divided into before and after Madonna and wrote how in a career spanning three decades, Madonna has produced a record-breaking stream of hit singles and albums, starred in (and directed) films, and staged some of the highest-grossing concert tours of all time. They also said that "Madonna is more than just a pop star and actress. she is an icon of our times, and one who has continued to reinvent both herself and the very nature of celebrity ever since she first appeared in 1983."[136][137]
2012 Madonna: Blond Ambition Another Madonna bibliography by Daryl Easlea & Eddi Fiegel. Published in April 2012 under Backbeat Books.[138]
2012 Madonna and Me: Women Writers on the Queen of Pop Offered on sale in March 2012 by Laura Barcella & Jessica Valenti under house publisher Soft Skull Press. The authors write the Madonna's influence and impact on the lives of over forty women, exploring the evolution of the characters that the singer has created throughout his career and his impact on culture as a revolutionary feminist. The book received good reviews, with Jennifer Baumgardner, who wrote "sure, one Madonna gave birth to Jesus... but our Madonna gave birth to "femme-inism". If you've forgotten why you should worship Madge, this hilarious, provocative collection is like a prayer to the patron saint of girl power".[139]
2012 Madonna Exposed: Desperately Seeking Superstardom E-book written by Jessica Jayne and put on sale at The author reports that Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time and shows how she has been able to maintain that record for decades, in chapters that examine the death of her mother when the singer was small and consequently their strict upbringing Catholic, arriving in New York as a dancer in search of her dreams, musical works that catapulted to fame so unprecedented and controversial that only helped solidify her professional status, her huge legacy among other things.[140]
2012 Madonna: Fighting Her Fade
  • ASIN: B008RADCZ0
  • Publisher: Sports Entertainment Publishing
  • Author: Michael Essany
  • Pages: 28
Publication date was in July 2012. Written by Michael Essany. He wrote that with absolute certainly, Madonna remains an iconic maven of pop music, but a transition is undeniably coming.[141]
2012 Madonna Pop Profile
  • ASIN: B008CG6CII
  • Publisher: Create Digital Publishing
  • Author: Nick James
  • Pages: 13
Offered on sale in June 2012 by Amazon services. Was written by Nick James, who reviewed her life and career and said that how to become one of the best loved music artists the world has ever seen.[142]
2012 My Madonna: My Intimate Friendship with the Blue Eyed Girl on her Arrival in New York
  • ISBN 978-0988413603
  • Publisher: Whimsy Literary Agency LLC
  • Author: Norris W. Burroughs
  • Pages: 124
Memoirs by writer and illustrator Norris W. Burroughs centering on Madonna herself. He explain hir relationship just before her rise to fame, when Madonna was a nineteen-year-old dancer, a recent arrival to New York City. He said that "many books have been written on Madonna, but few have such an intimate, personal perspective and focus on this crucial time in her artistic development".[143]
2012 The Biography – All about Madonna
  • Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Author: Michael J Gomez
  • Pages: 17
E-book written by Michael J. Gomez and put on sale at The author encourages her audience that wants to learn about the tenacity, perseverance and focus, read the biography that made Madonna, an artist who has transcended the demographics of age, culture and other measures to attract a wide audience for fans of music worldwide. There is also a version in Spanish.[144][145]
2012 LUV for Keeps: The Encounter with Madonna's Stalker
  • Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Author: Villalobos Body, Maxine Thompson & Allan Alcibar
Was published in November 2012, with Villalobos Body as author, Maxine Thompson as editor and Allan Alcibar as photographer. They based their book in Robert Dewey Hoskins, who has erotomania with Madonna and tell the process of the making of the documentary LUV for Keeps: The Story of Madonna's Stalker,[146] and a memoir Hoskins began writing about his life.[147]
2012 Madonna: Biography of the World's Greatest Pop Singer
  • ASIN: B008R53QE2
  • Publisher: Hyperion Books
  • Author: Karen Lac
  • Pages: 28
Publication date was in July 2012 and the author is Karen Lac. In principle, the book is about Madonna's response to a question from Dick Clark made in 1984, which the singer said she wanted to "rule the world" twenty-eight years later, her achievements and popularity showed that, in a way, this proclamation was prophetic. Lac states that Madonna's fame is unprecedented, as she is known by everyone, regardless of culture, age or sex and even those who do not hear the music of Madonna know who she is. She said that her presence and influence was so great in the 1980s that her style and music has come to characterise the decade. Also, Madonna's music has become a fixture in the lives of people as far away as Zimbabwe. Her accomplishments in the music industry alone include selling more than 300 million records worldwide, ranking as the world's top-selling female recording artist and top solo artist, is hardly scratches the surface of what she's done with her life. And concludes that she is one of those rare people who have become a part of American culture itself.[148]
2013 Cherish: Madonna, Like an Icon Released in April 2013. This book is a collection of more than 150 photographs. Author David Foy wrote that Madonna is well known as the world's top-selling female recording artist of all time. For her fans, this book will redefine Madonna as the history of women in music.[149]
2013 FAME: Madonna It is a branch of Female Force by Bluewater Productions as part of biographies in comics.[150]
2013 Madonna Style It is the series of books about the style of Madonna published by Music Sales Group and its subsidiary Omnibus Press. In this issue, unlike Debbi Voller who published in 1992 and 1999, Carol Clerk in 2002, 2006 and 2007, the author in this release is Stacey Appel.[151]
2016 Madonnaland: And Other Detours into Fame and Fandom
  • ISBN 9780292759466
  • Publisher: University of Texas Press
  • Author: Alina Simone
  • Pages: 138

In other languages[edit]

Year Book title Release details Notes
1986 Lady Madonna
  • ISBN 9782864182900
  • Publisher: Encre
  • Author: Guy Abitan & Danièle Abitan
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 66
French book written by Guy Abitan and Danièle Abitan.[152] A reissue was put up for sale in 1990.[153]
1987 Madonna German Madonna biography by Julia Edenhofer.[154]
Madonna Dutch biography authored by Alfred Bos, Tom Engelshoven and Stan Rijven.[155]
1988 Madonna Superstar Photographien Book of photographs by Karl Lagerfeld.[156][157]
1989 Madonna
  • ISBN 9788871110264
  • Publisher: Targa Italiana Editore
  • Author: Elia Perboni
  • Language: Italian
  • Pages: 163
Italian biography by Elia Perboni, focuses in criticism and interpretation.[158]
Madonna Biography in French written by Eric Shanghai and published by Éditions Albin Michel.[159]
1991 Madonna: Porträt eines Superstars
  • ISBN 9783453049321
  • Publisher: Heyne
  • Author: Éric Shangai
  • Language: German
  • Pages: 171
Another Madonna bibliography by Éric Shangai, who published the French book Madonna (1990).[159] Unlike his previous book, this is in German.[160]
1993 Das Madonna Phänomen Written by German author, music journalist and cultural critic, Diedrich Diederichsen. Das Madonna Phänomen Diederichsen focuses on public opinion and popular culture.[161]
  • ISBN 9788474262070
  • Publisher: Icaria Editorial
  • Author: Leo Tassoni
  • Language: Spanish
  • Pages: 159
Is a Madonna bibliography in Spanish by Leo Tassoni. Form part of book series Mitografias Series (Mythology Serie).[162]
1994 Nainen populaarikulttuurissa : Madonna ja The immaculate collection Finnish Madonna bibliography by Tuija Modinos and published through University of Jyväskylä. Modinos focuses in Madonna, the criticism, interpretation and the women in popular culture.[163]
Madonna séduction
  • ISBN 2950482198
  • Publisher: M. Rouchon
  • Author: Catherine Rouchon, Michel Rouchon & Bernard Mouillon
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 68
Work in French authored by Catherine Rouchon, Michel Rouchon and Bernard Mouillon.[164]
Madonna, érotisme et pouvoir French book written by Michel Dion and Jean Baudrillard. Form part of book series Le sens de l'histoire. They focus in their book on sex in popular culture and Madonna's influence.[165][166]
1995 Madonnabilder : dekonstruktive Ästhetik in den Videobildern Madonnas
  • ISBN 9783631490747
  • Publisher: Lang
  • Author: Nicoläa Grigat
  • Language: German
  • Pages: 120
German book written by Nicoläa Grigat, focusing in the Madonna's esthetica.[167]
1996 Madonna
  • ISBN 9788479741310
  • Publisher: Editorial La Máscara
  • Author: Víctor Lenore
  • Language: Spanish
  • Pages: 64
Spanish biography by Víctor Lenore. Form part of the series book Colección Imágenes de Rock.[168]
1997 Madonna: the lady
  • ISBN 9782866452674
  • Publisher: Contemporaines
  • Author: Lee McLaren, Virginie Gravier & Olivier Ragasol-Barbey
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 249
Biography in French whose authors are Lee McLaren, Virginie Gravier & Olivier Ragasol-Barbey. They focuses to Madonna as a real revolutionary challenge and her complex personality.[169]
1998 "Express yourself – Madonna be with you" : Madonna-Fans und ihre Lebenswelt"
  • ISBN 9783926794338
  • Publisher: Sonnentanz Verlag
  • Author: Carina Schmiedke-Rindt
  • Language: German
  • Pages: 348
German book written by Carina Schmiedke-Rindt.[170]
  • ISBN 847974278X
  • Publisher: Valencia La Máscara
  • Author: Jordi Bianciotto
  • Language: Spanish
  • Pages: 118
Spanish book by Jordi Bianciotto.[171]
1999 Madonna: de vele gezichten van een popster Dutch book written by Hannah Bosma and Patricia Pisters under publisher Prometheus Global Media.[172] They published a reissue in 2000, focuses in the feminist perspective. This reissue was titled only Madonna.[173]
2000 Madonna Madonna biography in French written by Florence Tredez.[174][175]
2001 Madonna for you!
  • ISBN 9783897194120
  • Publisher: Achterbahn-Verl
  • Author: Teddy Hoersch
  • Language: German
  • Pages: 61
German biography by Teddy Hoersch.[176]
Madonna: de stem van een generatie
  • ISBN 9789044111767
  • Publisher: Garant
  • Author: Kurt Jaspers, Gust de Meyer & Dirk Timmerman
  • Language: Dutch
  • Pages: 103
Dutch biography by Kurt Jaspers, Gust de Meyer and Dirk Timmerman.[177]
2003 Madonna Italian biography by Carlo Fiore. Author focuses on popular music and popular culture.[178][179]
2004 Le Mythe Madonna Another biography of Madonna by the French writer and scholar Georges Claude Guilbert, but this time in French.[180] Madona has become an icon of global popular culture of the 1980s to the present. Examines how Madonna has built in twenty years many faces of her image in the media, reinventing her past if necessary and recycled. The author shows that she has built its successive incarnations playing on opposite and explains the impact it has had Madonna.[181]
Madonna: Where's That Girl : Starimage und Erotik im medialen Raum With the original title Madonna: Where's That Girl : Starimage und Erotik im medialen Raum, is a German book by Jan-Oliver Decker.[182] There is another version in 2005, titled only Madonna: Where's That Girl?.[183]
2005 Madonna. Immacolata trasgressione
  • ISBN 978-8888764412
  • Publisher: Bevivino
  • Author: Leo De Palma
  • Language: Italian
  • Pages: n/a
Italian biography by Leo De Palma.[184]
Madonna Madonna biography in Scottish Gaelic by Ailig O'Henley, focuses in the juvenile literature.[185]
Madonna French book written by Anne Bleuzen with photos by Helmut Newton, Wayne Maser and Peter Lindbergh. Author called to Madonna a contemporary myth, which suffers no comparison. Exceptional artist, sex symbol and talent scout... Madonna may assume all roles. She said that Madonna is an interplanetary.[186]
2006 Die Videoclips Madonnas im Wandel der Zeit German book by Jessica Singer. Is accompanied by a compact disc.[187]
Madonna : L'icône de la Pop
  • ISBN 978-2849690116
  • Publisher: Éditions de la Lagune
  • Author: Arnaud Babion-Collet
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 192
Is a French book written by journalist Arnaud Babion-Collet. According to author, Madonna has mastered situations, playing with her image, media, without losing respect for the public and professionals.

Amateurs, professionals, media and her own record are unanimous on one point: Madonna controls everything !. Nothing escapes her. He asks questions such as What is the true story of Madonna? How did you meet her colleagues? Is it really inaccessible Madonna? He call to Madonna as "The Big Boss of Pop".[188][189]

Madonna : Pop confessions
  • ISBN 978-2915320701
  • Publisher: City Editions
  • Author: Daniel Ichbiah
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 317
The first Madonna bibliography by Daniel Ichbiah, who eventually published L'intégrale Madonna : tout Madonna de A à Z (2008) and Les chansons de Madonna (2014). According to the author, Madonna wanted to conquer the world and made it !. He described Madonna as the global icon of pop music. With each album, achieved the feat of attracting an increasingly wide audience of all generations.[190]
  • ISBN 9788888833989
  • Publisher: Coniglio Editore
  • Author: Gianluigi Valerio
  • Language: Italian
  • Pages: 145
Italian book written by Gianluigi Valerio. The book is a guide of Madonna discography, with pretensions to completeness and her coverage broadcasting in Italy. The author said that Madonna and her popularity stardom literally exploded in American music in 1982 and in a couple of years scale the charts around the world, monopolizing the international press and winning millions of fans.[191]
Madonna : Dancing Queen
  • ISBN 978-2916611020
  • Publisher: Editions Why not
  • Author: Adrien Bonnet
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 72
Written by Adrien Bonnet. This book is focused exclusively on image her album Confessions on a Dance Floor and the Confessions Tour.[192]
2007 Madonna mein Leben ist
  • ISBN 9783037170342
  • Publisher: Sulgen Niggli
  • Author: Christoph Bürkle
  • Language: German
  • Pages: 90
German biography written by Christoph Bürkle.[193] A similar version was published in the same year by the same publisher, but with Richard Swartz as author.[194]
Madonna on stage
  • ISBN 9782916611068
  • Publisher: Editions Why not
  • Author: Frédéric Gillotteau
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 287
Is a French book. Editor Frédéric Gilloteau includes images of Madonna musical tours and concerts where he attended, calling them representation of theaters. Have information, anecdotes in each series of concert, interviews with employees of Madonna, testimonies of fans around the world. The author recalls that Madonna is definitely the star of the world's best known and revered in the last 25 years.[195][196][197]
2008 Madonna und wir : Bekenntnisse It's a paperback written by Kerstin Grether and Sandra Grether and offered for sale in 2008 by Suhrkamp Verlag.[198]
L'intégrale Madonna : tout Madonna de A à Z
  • ISBN 978-2352881384
  • Publisher: City Editions
  • Author: Daniel Ichbiah
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 413
Another French book by Daniel Ichbiah, who released Madonna : Pop confessions (2006). Author explains the exceptional artistic longevity of Madonna. Being the most famous and richest in the world singer. Madonna has this amazing ability to change the skin to adapt to the times and invent ways[199]
Madonna: l'histoire trashy-comique de Madonna
  • ISBN 9782915957235
  • Publisher: K & B
  • Author: Pierre-Alexandre Bescos
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 111
Work in French by Pierre-Alexandre Bescos.[200]
Madonna absolument!
  • ISBN 9782753802933
  • Publisher: Alphée-J.-P
  • Author: Erwan Chuberre
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 234
Work in French made by Erwan Chuberre, who specialist in female icons. To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the "Queen of Pop", the author of this book has been surrounded by artists and journalists. According to author, Madonna is the undisputed star of pop and through her career, she has multiplied their faces.[201][202]
  • ISBN 978-2354010607
  • Publisher: Timée-éditions
  • Author: Timée-éditions Staff
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 137
Work in Frenchby Timée-éditions. They said that at fifty, the "Queen of Pop" is still the most famous woman in the world.[203]
Madonna govorit (Мадонна говорит)
  • ISBN 9785367007909
  • Publisher: Amfora
  • Author: Mik Sent-Maykl
  • Language: Russian
  • Pages: 127
Russian biography by Mik Sent-Maykl. The original title from the Russian is Мадонна говорит.[204][205]
2009 Madonna. Heaven. Testi commentati
  • ISBN 9788862310697
  • Publisher: Arcana
  • Author: Claudia Bonadonna
  • Language: Italian
  • Pages: 513
Italian book by Claudia Bonadonna. Author wrote, how is Madonna.[206]
Madonna Podlinnaya biografiya korolevy pop-muzyki This Russian book is the study of English music journalist, Lucy O'Brien. Author said that her style is controversial, but always turns her life into a work of art. There are many stereotypes of her, but it is a vivid symbol of feminism and heir songs are meaningful and easy.[207][208][209]
Madonna : pikantnye podrobnosti (Мадонна : пикантные подробности)
  • ISBN 9785936983290
  • Publisher: Северо-Запад
  • Author: Marga Til
  • Language: Russian
  • Pages: 190
Russian biography by Marga Til.[210][211]
2010 Madonna la Regina del Pop Italian biography by Cristian Porcino. The author expressed the evolution in time that has distinguished her look, her music, her ideals and said that Madonna is always in constant search of new emotions, certainly never disappoint your audience.[212]
Madonna. Cronistoria della regina del pop
  • ISBN 8880740768
  • Publisher: Blues Brothers
  • Author: Patrizia Galli
  • Language: Italian
  • Pages: 180
Italian biography by Patrizia Galli under Blues Brothers.[213][214]
Madonna, l'itinéraire d'une légende
  • ISBN 978-2746626515
  • Publisher: Perles de vie
  • Author: Caroline L.
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 287
French biography by Caroline L. Author covers her musical career and called as the only Queen of pop, with coverage of her influence in society, fashion, its foray into the closed world of cinema and women's revolution has inspired. The Madonna phenomenon has always unleashed passions.[215]
2011 Mad for Madonna. La regina del pop Italian biography written by Francesco Falconi. According to Falconi, Madonna has never gone unnoticed and slowly turned the icon of feminism, sexual freedom and expression. He said that while the 80s stars are eclipsed, Madonna is definitely installed on top of the world classification. A complete artist, icon eternal and so chameleon who reinvented herself as a singer, actress, dancer, director, skillful entrepreneur, queen bee of pop music and woman of great humanitarian and social commitment.[216][217] There is another 2013 edition.[218]
2012 Pop-Ikone Madonna: Die kommerziell erfolgreichste Sängerin der Welt Is a German book. If well part of the contents were taken from websites like Wikipedia, in this book, Hanner Vander review Madonna's music and life in general, and says that Madonna is the most successful person in pop history, with his unerring instinct, she guess the desires of your audience, also playing with stereotypes and taboos broke the trendsetter, she has a huge impact in the cultural world. This book provides an overview of Madonna and her music.[219][220]
Tributo a Madonna Portuguese book by Elaine Freitas. Author wrote her records and achievements of Madonna and her life.[221][222]
Madonna. Królowa Muzyki Pop Polish book by Eddi Fiegel, Madonna. Queen of Pop (English traduction). Details that Madonna is provocative, controversial, shocking, creates new trends and is the only "Queen of Pop". He also speaks of social relations and review her singles, videos, albums, movies and music tours, calling as a benchmark to most breakthrough in the industry.[223][224]
Madonna. Illyustrirovannaya biografiya
  • ISBN 978-5271427732
  • Publisher: Wydawnictwo Pascal
  • Author: Meri Kleyton
  • Language: Russian
  • Pages: n/a
Russian biography by Meri Kleyton.[225]
Madonna la biographie
  • ISBN 978-2352888390
  • Publisher: City Edition
  • Author: Jonathan Clairan
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 324
French biography by music journalist Jonathan Clairan. Author wrote that Madonna is an undeniable pop icon . Since her debut in 1982 until MDNA, she always attracted crowds. She mastered the art of marketing. The biography focuses beyond appearances, through testimonials from friends and enemies.[226]
2014 Les chansons de Madonna Another Madonna biography by Daniel Ichbiah, who published L'intégrale Madonna : tout Madonna de A à Z (2008) . He review her musical evolution, secondary songs, singles and albums and wrote that Madonna performs is a musical work herself.[227]

Essays, thesis and other works[edit]

"This type of research is routine.... From an academic point of view, it doesn't seem peculiar to me. Think of it like this: If you're a Martian trying to figure out what's going on on Earth, Madonna is a blip on the planet...."
—Theodore Clevenger, dean of FSU's Department of Communication talking about "Madonna Studies".[228]

Since her debut, are has written several thesis, essays and scientific trials encuadrable in various branches of the social sciences. It was probably in the 1990s when this phenomenon was most critical and began to divide opinions at the used widely the term "Madonna Studies". According to author Robert Miklitsch of the State University of New York Press, this term is a "political-cultural" phenomenon.[2]

In 1991, the firm Knight Ridder published an article on the subject titled Madonna even controversial for scholars, citing comments from several teachers and other personalities.[229] Meanwhile, Barbara Stewart from Orlando Sentinel, said there was a "growing number of "Madonna Studies" in the United States, [where authors] wrote their works for academic journals and conventions". She added that overseas for many "was a laugh hear of Madonna Studies". She continued that "neither this study theme sit well with some students of higher education".[228] Beyond all this, organizations like the set of liberal arts colleges 7 sisters teach courses that examine the influence of Madonna in culture.[230] In this regard, the French scholar Georges Claude Guilbert wrote in the book Madonna as Postmodern Myth (2002), Princeton, Harvard, UCLA, the University of Colorado and Rutgers were the first to propose courses "about" Madonna. He added that even at the University of Amsterdam was created the elective academic discipline, Madonna: The Music and the Phenomenon, within the Department of Musicology.[7]

Year Work title Notes
1987 Buscando a Madonna Is a novel by argentinian fiction writer Enrique Medina. Was published in 1987 under Editores Milton and contain 200 pages.[231]
1990 The Effects of Race, Gender, and Fandom on Audience Interpretations of Madonna's Music Videos According to the Education Resources Information Center is a scientific article in the Journal of Communication analyzing through two music videos for Madonna, the response of an audience, students, sexual higher education, popular culture, racial differences, and the sexuality and recording videos. The authors are Jane D Brown and Laurie Schulze.[232]
1991 Like a Thesis: A Postmodern Reading of Madonna Videos Thesis of professor Charles W. Wells to the Florida State University where reviews in about 460 pages the Madonna videos and their impact on culture.[233]
1993 The Madonna Connection These scholarly essays about Madonna and gender, coupled with race or religion agree on one point: popularity is based on a relentless attack power hierarchies. These trials suggest that Madonna, like a shrewd politician, has assembled a coalition of the dispossessed —of gays, lesbians, blacks, Hispanics and electorales— moved into the mainstream.
Madonnarama: essays on Sex and popular culture Essays where critics, activists and artists offer positive and negative opinions and analysis of the impact of Madonna and her Sex book, which represents the sexuality of gay, lesbian and bisexual. Was compiled by Lisa Frank and Paul Smith and published in May 1993. Publishers Weekly commented: "this collection of commentary on Madonna's oeuvre Sex is engaging and diverse, no small task considering the overwhelming media attention it has already earned".[234][235]
1994 The I Hate Madonna handbook Is a handbook by Ilene Rosenzweig which is kind of manual/humorous biography for Madonna haters and scandalous "bras" that stood over her clothes.[236][237]
Deconstructing Madonna (Batsford Cultural Studies) Fran Lloyd makes emphasis in the book on Madonna debate among students of cultural studies and media. Places Madonna's career in the context of chart and dance music of the 1980s and 1990s as well as show business as a whole, before examining the wider issues of sexuality and control raised by her work in music, video and film. Form part of Batsford Cultural Studies.[238]
1996 The materialism of Madonna's postmodernism Work cited as criticism and interpretation written by Lynn O'Brien Hallstein at Babson College.[239]
Feminist Assessment of Emancipatory Potential and Madonna's Contradictory Gender Practices It is an article appearing in the journal, Quarterly Journal of Speech in its May 1996 issue (vol. 82) by Lynn O'Brien Hallstein. Argues that while the analytic foci are varied, feminist evaluations of Madonna's contradictory gender play continue to employ binary models of assessing Madonna as either challenging or reinforcing gender roles. Analyzes Madonna's The Immaculate Collection using a "feminist-schizoanalytic" perspective.[240]
1997 Transgression in three acts : Madonna, Califia, and Finley A kind of thesis/dissertation on Madonna, Patrick Califia and Karen Finley made by Carolyn Lea in University of Georgia.[241]
Reading images of Madonna music videos Doctoral thesis written by Megan J Distler in Cedar Crest College, which reviews the music videos of Madonna.[242]
1998 Madonna, a poem Book of poems in English which includes 23 pages. It was published under the editorial Runaway Spoon Pr and its author is Ivan Argüelles.[243]
2000 Madonna – Staraufbau und Wirkungsweisen eines Popstars A kind of thesis manuscript in German by Claudia Rugner.[244]
2001 Madonna, an American pop icon of feminism and counter-hegemony : blurring the boundries [sic] of race, gender, and sexuality Thesis made by Audra Gaugler in Lehigh University.[245]
2005 Decoding the body messages of Madonna: the fluidity and plurality of post-feminine body Thesis made by Hsiao-Yi Chang and Chen Ming-May from the Program of Department of English Language, Literature and Linguistics in the Providence University of Taiwan, focuses in her body language and the feminist criticism.[246]
La traducción de Madonna: Cómo se traduce el género en el mundo de la música Doctoral thesis done by Lydia Brugué for UVic and as an act to the Iberian Studies Association of Translation and Interpretation (AIETI). The author focuses on the work of Madonna, mainly in her constant reinvention coupled with what she calls "musical translation" and "audiovisual translation".[247]
2007 Madonna revidiert : Rekursivität im Videoclip A kind of doctoral thesis in German by Matthias Weiß (Matthias Weiss). Originally it had been presented as Formen und Funktionen der Rekursivität im Videoclip am Beispie der Musikvideos von Madonna at the Free University of Berlin in 2004.[248][249]
2009 The autonomy of art and the chimera of identity : Adorno, Madonna and feminist performance art A kind of thesis/dissertation about Madonna and Theodor W. Adorno made by Stephanie K Crahen at California State University, focuses in the performance art and feminism and art, like her Confessions Tour, calling her art as highly political.[250][251]
Exploring gender through Madonna's lyrics Doctoral thesis by Justin KL Abrams for Pennsylvania State University that explores gender and sex differences by Madonna lyrics.[252]
Bedtime Story, Madonna/Mark Romanek (1995) (Words are useless, especially sentences) Thesis by Juan Miguel Flores Gómez for the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) which analyzes seven shot videos between 1994 and 1999, including "Bedtime Story".[253]
2010 Madonna: Who's That Girl Essay by Rodrigo Fresán and compiled in the book Stories Wranglers. Conversations with great chroniclers of Latin America (from the original Spanish: Domadores de Historias. Conversaciones con grandes cronistas de América Latina). With mixed reviews, one of the conclusions given is that Madonna is one of the classic symbols of Made in USA [in reference to the culture of the United States].[236]


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  • ^ Partially is that have Madonna either as a second key theme of the whole work. It is for this reason that books such as: From Hegel to Madonna: Towards a General Economy of "Commodity Fetishism" (1998), From Mae to Madonna: Women Entertainers in Twentieth-Century America (1999), Strategies for Theory: From Marx to Madonna (2003), as well as Something in the way she moves: dancing women from Salome to Madonna (2004) or A World Made Sexy: Freud to Madonna (2007) not listed in this article. Neither nor include books that have reviewed the life of Madonna in a few pages or her surface appearances mentions in the Guinness World Records.


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