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Laguna del Sauce

Laguna del Sauce is the largest water body in the Maldonado Department of Uruguay. It is located 15 kilometres west of Punta del Este; the lagoon is 12 kilometres long and 6 kilometres wide. The stream Arroyo Pan de Azucar discharges into the southwest of the lagoon, while the streams Arroyo del Sauce and Arroyo Mallorquina discharge in its north and northwest. A stream called Arroyo Potrero at the south end of the lagoon empties the water into the Río de la Plata at of the beach of Chihuahua. Any kind of non-motor powered water sports are allowed in the lagoon, such as wind surfing; the Capitan Corbeta CA Curbelo International Airport is in the southwest coast of the lagoon, just east of the lake resort La Capuera. To the southeast is the "Club del Lago Golf" course, to the south of, the Arboretum Lussich. In the east coast of the lagoon is the park "Parque Jacarandá", the location and resort "Las Cumbres", the hills Sierra de la Ballena, Cerro Caballero, Cerro de la Cruz and the location "Abra del Pedromo", with a statue of San Francisco on the hill Cerro de Francés.

On the west coast of the lagoon are the hills Cerro Sanguinetti and Cerro Las Mojinetes

Michael Wylde

Michael Wylde is an English footballer who plays as a defender. He last played for Conference Premier side Alfreton Town. Born in Birmingham, West Midlands, Wylde signed his first professional contract with The Robins aged 19-year-old. Wylde suffered a broken jaw in a clash with Cheltenham Town teammate Shane Duff in a pre-season friendly against Hereford United on 4 August 2007. To gain first team experience, Wylde along with Plymouth Argyle player Jake Moult joined Conference National side Kidderminster Harriers in March 2008 on loan for the remainder of the season. Wylde was part of the successful Tamworth squad that earned promotion to the Conference National by winning the Conference North in the 2008–09 season, he signed a new contract in May 2009 to commit to the new season in the Conference National. Following the end of a rather successful 2009/10 season, Wylde was expected to join former side Kidderminster Harriers; however this never happened and he committed his future to the Lambs for another season, penned a 12-month deal.

On 31 May 2011, it was announced that Michael Wylde had joined Cambridge United on a free, signing a two-year contract with the club. He joined AFC Telford United on a one-month loan in November 2012. Following his loan spell, Wylde's contract at Cambridge was cancelled by mutual consent in January 2013 after manager Richard Money confirmed that he would take no further part in their season. After his release Wylde returned to Tamworth until the end of the 2012–13 season, he left the club in June 2013. Wylde joined Alfreton Town in June 2013, signing a one-year contract and made his first appearance as a substitute in a 3–1 defeat to Forest Green Rovers. Along with teammate Alex Rodman, Wylde received a call up for the England C team to play against Estonia U23 on 13 October 2010; as of match played 4 January 2014. Michael Wylde profile at Alfreton Town F. C. Michael Wylde at Soccerbase

2nd Squadron (Iraq)

The 2nd Squadron, Iraqi Air Force was a helicopter squadron. It was first established in 1961 flying Mil Mi-4 Rasheed Air Base, it was still operating from Rasheed in 1964 with Westland Wessexs. After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the squadron was reestablished under U. S. suffered severe spares shortages. "The mission failure at Taji should have come as no surprise, if only because it happened in slow motion and in full view. Its immediate cause was a lack of spares, but that shortage was only the latest in a lengthy series of neglects. In a detailed end-of-tour analysis submitted in late June, departing 6th SOS advisor Major William Denehan pulled no punches, he wrote, “IqAF 2nd Squadron is non-functional.... Aircraft acquisition was poorly managed and unsupported... overall IqAF development has been neglected and poorly managed”. The planned remedy was to refurbish the helicopters in the United States to Huey II standard. "A year after a number of Huey IIs were delivered to an Alabama-based contractor, the first shipment of five rebuilt helicopters returned to Iraq on 16 February.

Following several days’ reassembly and flight testing at NAMAB, they were turned over to Squadron 2 at Taji. Over the next few months, several were flown back to NAMAB, Phoenix Base, Baghdad’s Green Zone to take Iraqi defense officials aloft for the benefit of the press. Otherwise, the Hueys were used to train Iraqi airmen. Although the rebuilt aircraft had been factory equipped with protective armor, they remained within Taji’s airspace for the first several months; this restriction was not imposed from an excess of caution: between 20 January and 3 March, Iraqi insurgents had shot down or damaged eight US helicopters.65 As a result, it was not until 10 April that two Iraqi pilots made Squadron 2’s first flights outside Taji’s perimeter. Those sorties included. Five more aircraft arrived at NAMAB on 2 May, the final six were airlifted in from the United States on 29 July, by which time Squadron 2 had accumulated about 1,300 flying hours in training missions, passenger movement, infrastructure protection and assessment."The squadron wa listed by D.

J. Elliott at Taji with Bell UH-1s in November 2009 and May 2010. does not list the squadron as operational in January 2019. The UH-1s may have been transferred to the army. George W. Cully, "Adapt or fail: the USAF’s role in reconstituting the Iraqi Air Force 2004-2007" Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama: Air University Press, Air Force Research Institute, 2016. ISBN 9781585662692. Public Domain - U. S. government work. Malovany, Pesach. Wars of Modern Babylon. University Press of Kentucky. ISBN 978-0813169439

Marquinhos (footballer, born April 1982)

Marcos Antônio Malachias Júnior known as Marquinhos, is a Brazilian-born Bulgarian retired footballer who played as a midfielder. Born in Campinas, Marquinhos started his career at Guaçuano in 2004. In February 2006 he signed with Bulgarian club Belasitsa Petrich from Guaçuano, he made his debut for the club on 4 March 2006 in a A PFG match against Naftex Burgas. Marquinhos made 13 league appearances to the end of the season, scoring five goals, helping the club avoid relegation. In the following 2006–07 season he finished the league campaign with 12 goals in 28 appearances. On 28 May 2007, Marquinhos moved to CSKA Sofia; the deal was reported to be worth around €150,000. Marquinhos's competitive debut for the club came in CSKA's opening match at away to Litex Lovech on 11 August. On 8 March 2008, Marquinhos scored his first CSKA goal in a 3–1 away win over his club Belasitsa, he scored the equalizing goal in the 1–1 away draw against Derry City on 6 August 2009 to enable his team to progress to the next stage of the UEFA Europa League.

He suffered an injury in December 2009. On 4 November 2010, Marquinhos scored the winning goal against Rapid Wien in a 2–1 away victory of Europa League group stage. On 25 May 2011, he assisted Spas Delev in a 1–0 win over Slavia Sofia in the final of Bulgarian Cup. Marquinhos announced retirement on 16 December 2016 after leaving Montana and would start studying in NSA and focus on manager career. However, in March 2017 he joined the amateur Brazilian club Cascavel. On 9 January 2018 Maquinhos returned again from retirement to play for the Brazilian club Caldense in Campeonato Mineiro. On 27 May 2011, Marquinhos was named to Bulgaria's squad for the friendly game against Corsica and Euro 2012 qualifier against Montenegro, just days after receiving citizenship from his adopted country, he debuted in an unofficial match against Corsica on 31 May appearing as a substitute for the second half. His official debut came on 4 June against Montenegro; as of 15 December 2016 CSKA Sofia A PFG: 2007–08 Bulgarian Cup: 2010–11 Bulgarian Supercup: 2008 Marquinhos at

Yenisei Kyrgyz Khaganate

Yenisei Kyrgyz Khaganate was a Turkic empire that existed for about a century between the early 9th and 10th centuries, around the start of the Borjigin Mongol dynasty. It ruled over the Yenisei Kyrgyz people, located in South Siberia and Central Asia since the 6th century. By the 9th century, the Kyrgyz had asserted dominance over the Uyghurs who had ruled; the empire was established as a Khaganate from 840–1207. The Khaganate's territory is now part of Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Mongolia; the earliest records of Yenisei Kyrgyz Khaganate were written during the Tang Dynasty. The Kyrgyz did not keep reliable written records during this period. In 50 BC, Xiongnu leader Zhizhi Chanyu defeated the Dinglings in the north of China, he conquered the Gyangun country located 7,000 li west of Ordos – the center of his country. During those times, Kyrgyz people lived in the Borohoro Mountains and the Manas River valley on east Tengir-Too; as a result, in Chinese historiography, Kyrgyz Khaganate is assigned the misnomer Gyegyesy.

They were subordinate to Turkic Khaganate from 560s to 700s. Kyrgyz khagan Bars Bek was a brother-in-law to Bilge Khagan, his son ruled Kyrgyzs after Bars Bek's defeated in hands of Qapaghan in 710. After Turkic downfall, they submitted to Uyghurs, their leader Bayanchur killed the Kyrgyz leader and appointed a new Kyrgyz khagan named Bilge Tong Erkin. First embassy to Yenisei Kyrgyz was sent during reign of Taizong, in 632, he received Kyrgyz ambassador named Shiboqu Azhan, appointed to the Yanran Commandery. The Kyrgyz khagans claimed descent from the Chinese general Li Ling, grandson of the famous Han Dynasty general Li Guang. Li Ling was captured by the Xiongnu and defected in the first century BCE, and since the Tang royal Li family claimed descent from Li Guang, the Kirghiz Khagan was therefore recognized as a member of the Tang Imperial family. This relationship soothed the relationship when Kyrgyz khagan Are invaded Uyghur Khaganate and put Qasar Qaghan to the sword; the news brought to Chang'an by Kyrgyz ambassador Zhuwu Hesu.

In 845, Are khagan was created Zhong Yingxiong Wu Chengming Khagan by Emperor Wuzong. But Wuzong died before his ambassadors departing Chang'an; the new emperor Xuanzong did not rush to create him khagan. At a general council of senior officials, they decided that the titles were given to the Uyghurs when they were strong, if the Yenisei Kyrgyz were awarded as well, they would become proud and become dangerous; the emperor revoked the letter. After Are's murder by one of his officials in 847, new Kyrgyz Khagan was created Yingwu Chengming Khagan by Xuanzong, who sent Li Ye to award him the title. Not much is known on downfall of Yenisei Kyrgyz, but according to Drompp, they were not invaded by Liao Dynasty, because Kyrgyz did not occupy Mongolian Plateau at the first place, they had conflicts with Kara-Khitai as well and submitted to Genghis Khan by 1207/8