Bissau-Guineans in France

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Guinea-Bissauan French
Total population
10.000 (estimated)
Regions with significant populations
Paris, Normandie, Seine-Saint-Denis
French, Portuguese, Fula
Sunni Islam, Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Black people in France, Afro-French

Bissau-Guineans in France consist of migrants from Bissau-Guinea and their descendants living and working in France.


The first Bissau-Guineans immigrants came in the early 20th century. There were Manjacks navigators who works for French companies. They came via Senegal to ports like Marseille, Bordeaux, Rouen, Le Havre or Dunkerque. There was family reunification with wives of the navigators who came in France in the 50s and 60s. There was also an other wave of Bissau-Guinean immigration, mostly composed of economic migrants.[1]


Most of the Bissau-Guineans in France are Manjack people, from the north-west of Bissau-Guinea.