The Bituriges were a tribe of Celtic Gaul with its capital at Bourges, whose territory corresponds to the former province of Berry. Their name meant "kings of the world" or "kings/masters of hitting/forging/smithing". Early in the 1st century BCE, they had been one of the main Gallic tribes in terms of druids and their political influence, but they soon declined in power as the druids were an important target for Julius Caesar in his conquest of Gaul. What is more, the fact that Avaricum was the only Celtic city that Vercingetorix did not burn, contrary to his scorched earth strategy, upon the approach of Caesar's legions is another proof of the political importance of the Bituriges; the town was to be buried by the Roman legions. Besides Avaricum or Mediolanum on the road from Paris and Orléans to Arvernum, Argentomagus, Déols or Levroux on the road from Toulouse to Paris were other oppidums of the Bituriges; this is one of several tribes which seem to have split, with the Bituriges Cubi lived near Bourges/Berry and the Bituriges Vivisci near Burdigala.

They joined Bellovesus' migrations towards Italy, together with the Aedui, Arverni, Aulerci and Senones. A passage from Livy, "summa imperii penes Biturges", meaning "all the power in the hands of the Bituriges", has become the motto of the city of Bourges. List of peoples of Gaul Saint-Benoît-du-Sault

Caballo Island

Caballo Island is a bluff, rocky island located at the entrance to Manila Bay in the Philippines. It is about 1.2 km long with the highest elevation at 381 feet high. Caballo, along with the larger Corregidor, divides the entrance to the bay into two broad and deep channels, known as the North and South Channel; the whole island was occupied by Fort Hughes, a U. S. defense fortification before World War II. It was bombed during the war. Caballo and Corregidor Islands are believed to be the rims of the Corregidor Caldera; the gap between the two islands is only about 1/4 mile with a depth of 7 fathoms and is never used for large vessel navigation. The island is occupied by the Philippine Navy and is off limits to civilians. Remains of the old fortifications and structures are left rusting in the open after it was abandoned after World War II. In November 2014, Filipino peacekeepers from Liberia who were quarantined on the island for 21 days due to concerns about Ebola were cleared to return to the mainland.

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Ricardo Domínguez

Ricardo Domínguez was a Mexican professional boxer in the Light Welterweight division. He is best known for having won the 2009 Campeón Azteca tournament at Lightweight. Domínguez won his pro debut against Eduardo Castillo in Culiacán, Mexico. In 2009, he fought at the first Campeón Azteca tournament in the Lightweight division, where he went on to beat Saul Carreon and Jesus Gonzalez in the first two rounds. At the tournaments championship fight he knocked out Reyes Sanchez to not only win the Prize money but a title fight with the WBC Lightweight Champion. In May 2010, Dominguez lost his first title fight to WBC champion Humberto Soto. On November 27, 2010 Ricardo lost to Miguel Vazquez the IBF Lightweight champion in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico; this was the second title fight for Dominguez. Professional boxing record for Ricardo Domínguez from BoxRec