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Club Bizcaya

Bizcaya (Vizcaya in Spanish) was an association football representative team from Bilbao, Spain, specially created to take part in the 1902 Copa de la Coronación and the Copa del Rey 1907. In this respect, the team is similar to London XI, it intended to create a team especially for the tournament using the best players from each Bilbao-based club: Bilbao Football Club [es] and Athletic Club in 1902, and Athletic Club and Unión Vizcaino in 1907.

Copa de la Coronación 1902[edit]

The 1902 Copa de la Coronacion won by Bizcaya, on display in the Athletic Bilbao museum

Combined players of Athletic Club (founded in 1898) and Bilbao FC (founded in 1900), formed Bizcaya - the eventual winners of the 1902 Copa de la Coronación. In 1903, Bilbao FC and its associates were absorbed by Athletic Club.

Copa del Rey 1907[edit]

The 1907 Club Bizcaya was formed by combining players from both Athletic Club and Unión Vizcaino; the tournament was a five-team league, of which Bizcaya and Madrid FC finished as joint winners. A play-off was played on 30 March, which Madrid won 1-0.[1]

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