Black Rose (pinball)

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Black Rose
Black Rose (pinball).jpg
Manufacturer Midway
Release date July 1992
System Williams WPC (Fliptronics II)
Design John Trudeau, Brian Eddy
Programming Brian Eddy
Artwork Pat McMahon
Music Paul Heitsch
Sound Paul Heitsch
Production run 3,746

Black Rose is a pinball machine designed by John Trudeau and Brian Eddy and produced by Midway (released under the Bally name). The game features a pirate theme and was advertised with the slogan "This game is loaded!". Bally abandoned the idea to use black pinballs for the machine.[1]


The basic goal of the game is to sink ships. The game features a rotating cannon situated underneath the playfield used to aim the ball at targets to award letters in the word "SINK SHIP". During multiball you also get letters for shooting flashing ramps. Once SINK SHIP is spelled, you load the cannon to light the center shot (the "Broadside") to get big points.

Digital versions[edit]

Black Rose is available as a licensed table of The Pinball Arcade on several platforms and also included in Williams Pinball Classics (2001) by Encore, Inc. for PC.[2]

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