Block FACT

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Block FACT
Founded Autumn 2010
Founding location Saint Petersburg, Russia
Years active 2010–present
Territory Russia, Ukraine
Ethnicity Ukrainians (core), Russians, Jews and Caucasians[1]
Criminal activities Assaults, battery, arsons, vandalism

Block FACT (Russian: Блок «Фаланга антикоммунистического тарана», lit. 'Block "Phalanx of Anti-Communist Ram"') is part of a Russian far-right group, operating in St. Petersburg and established in the autumn of 2010.


The public statements from Block FACT often represent hard anti-communism. The organization's criteria for labeling a group as communist are quite broad. For example, the regimes of Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar Assad, and even the Kingdom of Bahrain were labeled as "communist" by Block FACT.[2]


Block FACT claimed responsibility for the beating of St. Petersburg Marxist-Leninist historian Igor Pykhalov (ru), setting fire to a Communist Party car (September 2011),[3] and assaulting magistrate Alexei Kuznetsov (April 2013).[4] Block FACT claimed responsibility for beating Communist Party secretary Alexey Rusakov (August 2012),[5] burning a Communist Party car (February 2012),[6] desecrating and destroying a series of Soviet memorials (plaques Lenin, Uritsky, Romanov, Trefolev, Voytik), and attacking several activists of Communist organizations.[1]

Some commentators characterized the actions of Block FACT as a relaxed variant of European neo-fascist terrorism of the 1970s.[7] It is assumed that the activists of Block FACT attacked a former Duma deputy, Viktor Tyulkin. The leader of the St. Petersburg communist organizations, Tyulkin, was beaten on 4 October 2013, after a communist demonstration commemorating the 20th anniversary of the events of October 1993. One of the attackers congratulated Tyulkin with "happy holidays".[8]


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