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Reggie Love, left, Barack Obama's body man from 2009 to 2011, is seen here in a presidential motorcade outside Strasbourg for the NATO Summit, April 2009

A body man or body woman is, in U.S. political jargon, a civilian personal assistant who accompanies a politician (or candidate) virtually everywhere, often arranging and providing lodging, transportation, interactions with media, public, and family, meals, personal briefings and briefing papers, logistical instructions, speech cards, snacks, cell phones, and any other necessary assistance. [1] [2]

List of body men/women[edit]

President Richard Nixon[edit]

  • Stephen Bull [3]

President Gerald Ford[edit]

  • Terrence O’Donnell [4]
  • Gregory Willard [5]

President Jimmy Carter[edit]

  • Timothy Kraft [6]
  • Phil Wise [7]

President Ronald Reagan[edit]

  • David Fischer [8]
  • Jim Kuhn [9]

President George H. W. Bush[edit]

  • Timothy McBride [10]
  • Michal Dannenhauer [11]
  • David Bates [12]
  • Tom Frechette [11]

President Bill Clinton[edit]

President Bill Clinton in January 1995 at the Conference on Trade Investment in Central & Eastern Europe with Presidential Aide Elliott Frutkin who is acting as the President's "body man" and screening the line approaching the President.

President George W. Bush[edit]

President Barack Obama[edit]

President Donald Trump[edit]


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