Boldklubben 1913

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B 1913
Boldklubben 1913.png
Full name Boldklubben 1913
Founded 1913
Ground Campus Road, Odense
Manager Hans Erik Hansen
League Denmark Series

Boldklubben 1913 is a Danish football club currently playing in Albani Series. They play at Campus Road, in Odense on Funen. B1913 spent one season in the European Cup 1961-62, which is the club's most notable international appearance.

From the 2006–07 season to the 2012–13 season, they merged with B 1909, and Dalum IF, to form the joint venture FC Fyn who contested in the Danish 2nd Division and in the Danish 1st Division.


: Honour achieved by reserve team
R: Status as a reserve team for FC Fyn

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