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#11 Bolshaya Koltsevaya line Bolshaya Koltsevaya line
Line 11 (Moscow).svg
Geographic map showing the approximate path of the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line (in teal) in the whole Moscow Metro network (in dark gray) including Central Circle and Monorail
Other name(s)Large Circle Line
Native nameБольшая Кольцевая линия
TypeRapid transit
SystemMoscow Metro
(incl. 3 of Kakhovskaya Line)
Opened2018–2022 (expected)[1][2]
Operator(s)Moskovsky Metropoliten
Rolling stock81-760/761
Line length69 kilometres (43 mi)[1]
Track gauge1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in)
ElectrificationThird rail
Route map

Savyolovskaya (#8A Solntsevskaya line#11 Bolshaya Koltsevaya line terminus)
Savyolovsky railway stationSavyolovskaya railway station Transfer for #9 Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line at Savyolovskaya
Petrovsky Park
#8A Solntsevskaya line
Transfer for #2 Zamoskvoretskaya line at Dinamo (OSI)
#8A Solntsevskaya line
Transfer for #14 Moscow Central Circle at Zorge (OSI)
#8A Solntsevskaya line
Transfer for #7 Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line at Polezhayevskaya / Transfer for #14 Moscow Central Circle at Khoroshyovo (OSI)
#8A Solntsevskaya line
Transfer for #14 Moscow Central Circle at Shelepikha (OSI)
Delovoy Tsentr (#11 Bolshaya Koltsevaya line terminus)
Transfer for #4 Filyovskaya line at Vystavochnaya
Line 8A continues to Park Pobedy.
Ulitsa Narodnogo Opolcheniya
Kuntsevo I railway station Transfer for #3 Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line at Kuntsevskaya Transfer for #4 Filyovskaya line at Kuntsevskaya
Aminyevskoye Shosse
Michurinsky Prospekt
Transfer for #8A Solntsevskaya line at Michurinsky Prospekt
Prospekt Vernadskogo
Transfer for #1 Sokolnicheskaya line at Prospekt Vernadskogo
Ulitsa Novatorov
Transfer for #6 Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line at Kaluzhskaya
Transfer for #9 Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line at Sevastopolskaya
Varshavskaya (#11A Kakhovskaya line terminus)
Kolomenskoye railway station
Kashirskaya (#11A Kakhovskaya line terminus)
Transfer for #2 Zamoskvoretskaya line at Kashirskaya via cross-platform interchange
Klenovy Bulvar
Nagatinsky Zaton
Transfer for #10 Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line at Pechatniki
Tekstilshchiki railway station Transfer for #7 Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line at Tekstilshchiki
Karacharovo railway station Transfer for #15 Nekrasovskaya line at Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa / Transfer for #14 Moscow Central Circle at Nizhegorodskaya (OSI)
Nizhegorodskoye yard
Novaya railway station Transfer for #8 Kalininskaya line at Aviamotornaya
Elektrozavodskaya railway station Transfer for #3 Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line at Elektrozavodskaya
Transfer for #1 Sokolnicheskaya line at Sokolniki
Rizhsky railway stationRzhevskaya railway station Transfer for #6 Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line at Rizhskaya
Transfer for #10 Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line at Maryina Roshcha

The Bolshaya Koltsevaya line (Russian: Большая кольцевая линия), literally Large Circle Line, designated Line 11[3] is a rapid transit line of the Moscow Metro. It is the third circle line running outside of the existing circle Koltsevaya line and interlocking Moscow Central Circle, with a temporary branch to Delovoy Tsentr station in Moscow International Business Center.

The first section of the line opened on 26 February 2018 with expected completion of the final stage in 2022; when complete, the line will include 31 stations including three from the existing Kakhovskaya line and over 66 kilometers of track. In November 2017 the city estimated the total cost of the project at 501 billion rubles, up from earlier estimates of 378.9 billion rubles.[4]

Formerly known as the Third Interchange Contour, the city adopted "Large Circle Line" as the official name of the line after a vote via the "Active Citizen" web portal.[5]


The working name of the project since inception was the Third Interchange Contour; however, prior to the opening of the line, the city of Moscow reached out to its residents to help decide on the name. In an initial survey on the Active Citizen survey website in October 2017, only 34% of the city’s residents voted to keep the working name.[6]

Although retaining the working name was the most popular option, members of the city’s council on transportation infrastructure suggested another vote. Two reasons cited by Kirill Yankov were that all of the line’s names to this point were in the feminine grammatical gender and that all the other line names were generally understood from a point of view of geography;[7] the city held another vote on its website to allow citizens to choose between the existing name or the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line (Large Circle Line). Of the alternate names suggested by voters in the first vote, Bolshaya Koltsevaya was the most popular, with 9,000 votes.

In the second vote, Bolshaya Koltsevaya was selected with 53.3% of the votes versus 36.5% for the Third Interchange Contour.[5]


Initial construction timetable for the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line

The entire project was supposed to be completed by 2020-2021.[1][8][9][10][11] By 2018, the completion date had been postponed until the end of 2022.[12]

First sections[edit]

First section with a temporal branch with five stations from Delovoy Tsentr to Petrovsky Park.
Video of stations of first section, in first day of work

The five stations from Petrovsky Park to Delovoy Tsentr opened on 26 February 2018.[13] Savyolovskaya was opened on 30 December 2018.

Further extension[edit]

The northeastern section was initially scheduled to be completed in 2018 and opened in 2019; this section includes the part of the line from Rubtsovskaya to Nizhegorodskaya.[14] The existing, short, three-station Kakhovskaya Line will be incorporated into the line.

The original plans called for a 58-kilometer line with 27 new stations.[15]



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