Bon Air (Pittsburgh)

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Bon Air
Pgh locator bon air.svg
Coordinates: 40°24′29″N 80°00′00″W / 40.408°N 80.000°W / 40.408; -80.000
CountryUnited States
CountyAllegheny County
 • Total0.313 sq mi (0.81 km2)
 • Total808
 • Density2,600/sq mi (1,000/km2)
ZIP Code
15226, 15210

Bon Air is a neighborhood in the south portion of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Its two zip codes are 15226 and 15210, and it is represented in the Pittsburgh City Council by the council member for District 4 (South Neighborhoods).

Bon Air is small in geographic size compared to the other communities in District 4, but its reputation, "Country living in the City" is well deserved by its terrain. Bon Air is on a mountaintop, surrounded almost entirely by steep forested mountainsides. Road access to Bon Air is limited by only two connecting streets to the Knoxville neighborhood to the east. North of Bon Air is McKinley Park, with a 120-foot drop down to Bausman Avenue, to the west another drop down to Route 51. South is a precipitous drop down to a low forested valley and east a drop down into a large cemetery. One of the most isolated neighborhoods of the City of Pittsburgh, still it is only minutes away from Downtown and Oakland by public transportation and affords its residents the benefits of residing in a leafy "suburban" setting and all that city life provides. Bon Air is well-served by its own "T" (light-rail) stop from which residents can be in Downtown Pittsburgh in mere minutes and is also the terminus of the 54 Bus that travels directly to the Oakland neighborhood.

The neighborhood is a balanced mix of families, single persons, and senior citizens. There is no commercial zoning on the Bon Air mountaintop, all the residences are single family homes, usually with superb views. A small parklet on the mountaintop is excellent for young children.

Historical population
University of Pittsburgh[5]

Surrounding neighborhoods[edit]

Bon Air has six Pittsburgh neighborhood borders, including Beltzhoover to the north, Knoxville to the upper east, Carrick to the east and south, Brookline to the south and west, and Beechview and Mount Washington to the northwest. With the exception of two streets that connect Bon Air to Knoxville, there is no direct road or trail connection between the Bon Air mountaintop and any other neighborhoods.

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