Bonne de Pons d'Heudicourt

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Bonne de Pons (1660), musée Mandet

Bonne de Pons d'Heudicourt (1641-1709), was the royal mistress of Louis XIV of France in 1665. She was known as la Grande Louve after her spouse, who was nicknamed The Great Wolf.

She was the cousin of Madame de Montespan, she converted to Catholicism from Protestantism and became a lady-in-waiting to the queen, Maria Theresia. In 1665, she had a relationship with Louis XIV, her family had her removed from court and married to the courtier marquess Michel Sublet d'Heudicourt, master of the hunt at court. She was banished from court 1672 after having revealed the birth of the illegitimate children of Louis XIV and Montespan, she was allowed to return in 1677 after having been defended by Madame de Maintenon.