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Abraham Lincoln
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Abraham Lincoln[edit]

Main article
Abraham Lincoln
Early political career and military service
Abraham Lincoln's early life and career
Abraham Lincoln in the Black Hawk War
Republican politics 1854–1860
Lincoln–Douglas debates
1860 Presidential election
1860 United States presidential election
Presidency and the Civil War
Origins of the American Civil War
Presidency of Abraham Lincoln
Baltimore Plot
Cornerstone Speech
American Civil War
Abraham Lincoln and slavery
Emancipation Proclamation
1864 United States presidential election
Reconstruction Era of the United States
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Funeral and burial of Abraham Lincoln
Personal life
Sexuality of Abraham Lincoln
Religious and philosophical beliefs
Abraham Lincoln and religion
Legacy and memorials
Cultural depictions of Abraham Lincoln
Notable speeches
Lyceum address
Peoria speech
"Lost Speech"
House Divided speech
Lincoln–Douglas debates
Cooper Union Address
Farewell Address
First inaugural address
Gettysburg Address
Second inaugural address