"Bookland" is the informal name for the Unique Country Code prefix allocated in the 1980s for European Article Number identifiers of published books, regardless of country of origin, so that the EAN namespace can catalogue books by ISBN rather than maintaining a redundant parallel numbering system. In other words, Bookland is a fictitious country that exists in EAN for the purposes of non-geographically cataloguing books in the otherwise geographically keyed EAN coding system; until January 1, 2007, all ISBNs were allocated as 9-digit numbers followed by a modulo 11 checksum character, either a decimal digit or the letter "X". A Bookland EAN was generated by concatenating the Bookland UCC 978, the 9 digits of the book's ISBN other than its checksum, the EAN checksum digit. Since parts of the 10-character ISBN space are nearly full, all books published from 2007 on have been allocated a 13-digit ISBN, identical to the Bookland EAN. Most of UCC 979 has now been assigned for the expansion of Bookland, was first used by publishers in the French language, which can now use the additional prefix "979-10-" in addition to the nearly full "978-2-" prefix.

Books numbered with prefixes other than 978 will not be mappable to 10-character ISBNs. The GS1 is the global identification standards organization for retail; every country has an assigned country code. The "country codes" 978 and 979 are now registered for allocation by the International ISBN Agency, which maintains the official international registry of ISBN numbers allocated to book publishers. ISSNs are mapped into the UCC 977. ISMNs are mapped into the UCC 979. Since the leading "M" of a legacy 10-digit ISMN number is transcoded as 0, the EAN prefix 979-0 is wholly reserved for sheet music and has been dubbed the fictitious country "Musicland". Like ISBNs, ISMNs have been allocated using 13 digits since mid-2008. Are you ready for ISBN-13? Informational website which converts ISBN-10 to ISBN-13 US agency to obtain ISBN numbers The EAN System

2014 Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship

The 2014 Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship was the 15th staging of the AVC Club Championships. The tournament was held in Thailand; the teams are seeded based on their final ranking at the 2013 Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship. * Withdrew MVP: Miyu Nagaoka Best Setter: Chizuru Kotō Best Outside Spikers: Yuki Ishii and Chen Liyi Best Middle Blockers: Kanako Hirai and Lyudmila Anarbayeva Best Opposite Spiker: Li Ying Best Libero: Marina Storozhenko Asian Volleyball Confederation

2012 Adur District Council election

The 2012 Adur District Council elections took place on 3 May 2012 to elect members of Adur District Council in West Sussex, England. Half of the council was up for election, the Conservative Party remained in overall control of the council. After the election, the composition of the council was Conservative 25 Shoreham Beach Residents Association 2 Labour 1 Liberal Democrats 1 The election saw the Conservatives remain in overall control of the council after winning 13 of the 15 seats which were contested, they gained Eastbrook from the Liberal Democrats having lost it in a double vacancy at the 2010 elections, but this gain was offset by the loss of Cokeham to Labour, who thus gained their first representation on the council since 2006. In addition Labour saw their vote share rise by more than 12% across the district, whilst the UK Independence Party saw their vote share increase; the Liberal Democrats were the main losers, seeing their vote fall by 14%, pushing their into fourth place, behind UKIP.

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