Bordeaux Tramway Line A

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Line A
Logo Tramway Bordeaux ligne A.svg
A train headed to Cenon
Native nameTramway de Bordeaux A
Connecting lines
Ridership14 million per year
Opened2003 (2003)
Last extension2008
Rolling stockCitadis 300
type 402
Line length20.6 km (12.8 mi)
Average inter-station distance447 m

The A line of the Bordeaux tramway is operated by Transports Bordeaux Métropole, and connects Lormont and Floirac to Mérignac, it connects the left and right banks of the Garonne, passing by the Pierre bridge and the center of Bordeaux.


Line A was inaugurated on December 21, 2003 by Alain Juppé and Jacques Chirac, initially running between the stations of Bordeaux-Mériadeck and Lormont-Lauriers/Cenon-La Morlette. The line was extended on September 26, 2005 between Bordeaux-Mériadeck and Saint-Augustin in the west. In 2007, it was extended two more times, from Cenon-La Morlette to Floirac-Dravemont in the east on February 27, and again from Saint-Augustin to Mérignac Centre in the west on June 21. In summer 2008, the Lormont branch was extended further.


The trains used on the line A are Citadis 300s, type 402, made by Alstom; each train is 40 meters long and can seat 300 persons. All trains have air conditioning, and are capable of running either on overhead wires or on ground-level power supply (APS in French). Line A uses both types of power supply, with APS in the center of Bordeaux as well as near Cenon-La Morlette, Lormont-Lauriers and Mérignac Centre, and overhead wires everywhere else.

List of Stations and Connections[edit]

Ligne A Tramway Bordeaux.svg

      Station Served City Connections TBC
Tramway & Bus
Connections Trans Gironde
  o   Mérignac Centre Mérignac 1, 11, 16, 30, 33, 35, 42, 71 --------------------- 603, 701, 702
  o   Lycées de Mérignac Mérignac 1, 30, 33, 35, 42, 70
  o   Quatre Chemins Mérignac 601
  o   Pierre Mendès-France Mérignac 35
  o   Alfred de Vigny Mérignac
  o   Fontaine d'Arlac Mérignac 23, 42, 54
  o   Peychotte Mérignac 23, 42, 54
  o   François Mitterrand Mérignac 42
  o   Saint-Augustin Bordeaux 41
  o   Hôpital Pellegrin Bordeaux 8, 11, 41 701, 702
  o   Stade Chaban-Delmas Bordeaux 9
  o   Gaviniès Bordeaux
  o   Hôtel de Police Bordeaux 26
  o   Saint-Bruno - Hôtel de Région Bordeaux 26
  o   Mériadeck Bordeaux
  o   Palais de Justice Bordeaux 4, 5, 6, 15, 16, 56exp
  o   Hôtel de Ville Bordeaux B, 47
  o   Sainte-Catherine Bordeaux 47
  o   Place du Palais Bordeaux
  o   Porte de Bourgogne Bordeaux C 24, 45
  o   Stalingrad Bordeaux 10, 27, 28, 38, 45, 50, 62, 91, 92 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 501
  o   Jardin Botanique Bordeaux 45
  o   Thiers - Benauge Bordeaux
  o   Galin Bordeaux 10, 28, 51, 52
  o   Jean Jaurès Cenon
  o   Cenon Gare Cenon 27, 40, 51
  o   Carnot - Mairie de Cenon Cenon 27, 40, 51
  o   Buttinière Cenon, Lormont 27, 32, 40, 64, 67, 68 201, 202, 301, 302, 303
o   Palmer Cenon
o   Pelletan Cenon
o   La Morlette Cenon 32
o   Jean Zay Cenon 27, 51
o   La Marègue Cenon 32 401, 402
o   Floirac - Dravemont Floirac 28, 32, 52, 80
  o Iris Lormont
  o Gravières Lormont 40
  o Bois Fleuri Lormont 32, 40
  o Lauriers Lormont 40
  o Mairie de Lormont Lormont 7, 32, 40
  o Carriet Lormont
  o La Gardette-Bassens-Carbon-blanc Lormont, Bassens, Carbon-Blanc 7, 50, 90 201, 202, 301

Important Locations Served[edit]

Line A switching from APS to overhead power
Name Station
Bordeaux Cathedral Hôtel de Ville
Capital of the region of Aquitaine Saint-Bruno - Hôtel de Région
Château du Hâ Palais de Justice
Cimetière de la Chartreuse Gaviniès
Correspondence: TER Aquitaine Cenon Gare
Headquarters of the Urban Community of Bordeaux Saint-Bruno - Hôtel de Région
Palais Rohan, Bordeaux (City Hall) Hôtel de Ville
Patinoire de Mériadeck Hôtel de Police
Stade Chaban-Delmas Stade Chaban-Delmas
University of Bordeaux 2 Hôpital Pellegrin

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