Bordeaux Tramway Line C

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Line C
Logo Tramway Bordeaux ligne C.svg
Native nameTramway de Bordeaux C
Connecting lines
Ridership6.5 million per year
Opened2004 (2004)
Last extension27 February 2008
Rolling stockCitadis 300
type 302
Line length8.1 km (5.0 mi)

The C line of the Bordeaux tramway is operated by Transports Bordeaux Métropole, and connects Les Aubiers to Terres Neuves.

Being connected to the line A and line B, it will link Gare de Bordeaux Saint-Jean to different communes of the CUB.


Much like Line B, Line C experienced technical problems with the ground-level power supply (APS) which delayed its opening, it was inaugurated on 24 April 2004.

Line C was prolonged towards Grand Parc on 19 November 2007 pending completion of important work brought about by the replacement Cracovie bridge on the line in Médoc, then to the north terminus les Aubiers station on 27 February 2008 and also towards Terres Neuves (Bègles) 27 February 2008.


The tramway uses Citadis 300 trams from Alstom, they are type 302, 33 meters long with 218 places for passengers. The cars are air conditioned both while using overhead lines and ground-level power (APS). But, given the large influx of passengers some days (périodes blanches SNCF), regular size trains have been claimed by users, but some quays are too short for regular trains, therefore are not used for security purposes. APS is used on the majority of line C.

Route and stations[edit]

Ligne C.svg
      Stations Communes desservies Réseau TBC
Tramway & Réseau -Bus-
Réseau Trans Gironde
o Gare de Blanquefort Blanquefort 22 29 37
o Frankton Blanquefort 22 29
o Gare de Bruges Bruges 6 29 35 72
o Ausone Bruges 29
o La Vache Le Bouscat 15 33
  o Parc des Expositions - Stade Matmut-Atlantique Bordeaux 25 37 73 705
  o Palais des Congrès Bordeaux 32
  o Quarante Journaux Bordeaux 15 32
  o Berges du Lac Bordeaux
  o Les Aubiers Bruges, Bordeaux 7, 15, 33, 35, 37, 57 ---------------------------------------------- 704, 705, 706
  o;   Cracovie Bruges, Bordeaux 7
  o   Place Ravezies-Le Bouscat Bordeaux, Le Bouscat 9, 32, 46, 73 704, 705, 706
  o   Grand Parc Bordeaux
  o   Émile Counord Bordeaux
  o   Camille Godard Bordeaux 15, 72
  o   Place Paul Doumer Bordeaux 4, 15
  o   Jardin Public Bordeaux 4, 5, 6, 15, 26, 29, 56Exp 703
  o   Quinconces Bordeaux B, 1, 2, 3, 26, 29, 47, 53Exp, 83 601, 703
  o   Place de la Bourse Bordeaux
  o   Porte de Bourgogne Bordeaux A, 24, 45
  o   Saint-Michel Bordeaux
  o   Sainte-Croix Bordeaux
  o   Tauzia Bordeaux
  o   Gare Saint-Jean Bordeaux 9, 10, 11, 16, 58 601, 701, 702
  o   Belcier Bordeaux
  o   Carle Vernet Bordeaux
  o   Bègles Terres Neuves Bègles 11, 26, 36
Tramway C on the waterfront

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