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Founded 1988; 30 years ago (1988)
Founder Umberto Borile
Headquarters , Padua
Area served
Key people
Umberto Borile (President), Alberto Bassi (CEO)
Products Motorcycles and bicycles
Owner Umberto Borile

Borile makes retro-modern bicycles and motorcycles in Padova, Italy, such as the B500CR, "a modern day interpretation of how a BSA Gold Star would look if it were produced today."[1] Borile's technically advanced yet aesthetically vintage motorcycles are at the center of a marked retro wave during the first decade of the 21st century. Early Boriles were handmade, limited-production creations, but later models are mass-produced.

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  1. ^ Schvetz, Yossef (2001-03-19). "Borile B500CR A Screamin' Italian Single With Soul". Umberto chose a smart way to get the powerful and lightweight engine he wanted for his thumper. Using the cylinder head, cylinder, piston and crankshaft from the GM speedway engine, he got around the problem of developing a totally new engine from scratch. If you are not familiar with the GM engine, do not worry. Unless you follow speedway racing closely, there is little chance that you might have heard about it. Italy's GM have been producing world championship winning engines for a few decades. 

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