Bounce to This

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Bounce to This
K-Gee Bounce To This.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 7, 2002
GenreHip hop, electronica
LabelInstant Karma

Bounce to This is an album by Karl Gordon, also known as K-Gee. The album had one minor hit with "I Don't Really Care" which peaked at #21 in the UK charts two years prior to the album's release, but received more publicity for the song "Let's Get Nice" which he recorded with Melanie Blatt while they were both stoned about the joys of marijuana.[1]

Track lists[edit]

# Title Length
1. "Stuck in the Middle" 4:48
2. "Hit the Floor" 4:38
3. "Stay True" 5:03
4. "I Don't Really Care" 5:52
5. "If You Leave Me Now" 4:22
6. "Ain't Trying to Hear" 4:10
7. "Stuck In Yo' Head" featuring Shaznay Lewis 4:04
8. "Bounce to This" 5:21
9. "Gettin' It On" 5:11
10. "K.M.F.O! (Knocking Motherfuckers Out!)" 4:51
11. "Worldwide" 4:27
12. "Upside Down" 4:27
13. "We Have It Like That" 4:50
14. "Let's Get Nice" featuring Melanie Blatt 5:00


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