Bow Castle Broch

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Coordinates: 55°39′57″N 2°51′28″W / 55.665942°N 2.857845°W / 55.665942; -2.857845

Bow Castle
The remains of Bow Castle Broch - - 225213.jpg
Bow Castle Broch is located in Scottish Borders
Bow Castle Broch
Shown within Scottish Borders
Location Stow of Wedale
Coordinates 55°39′57″N 2°51′28″W / 55.665942°N 2.857845°W / 55.665942; -2.857845
Type Broch
Periods Iron Age

Bow Castle is the remains of an iron-age broch near the Gala Water, in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland, in the parish of Stow.


Bow Castle (grid reference NT46134171) stands on level ground on the edge of a steep slope southwest of the valley of the Gala Water.[1] The broch has a wall 4.1 metres thick, enclosing an area 9.7 metres in diameter.[1]

The broch is one of only three remaining in the Borders; the other two are Torwoodlee Broch, and Edin's Hall Broch.


It was excavated in 1890 when pottery, including some 2nd-century Roman amphora fragments, were found.[1] In 1922 a 2nd-century Roman enamelled bronze brooch in the form of a cockerel was found among the ruins of the wall.[1]

Information concerning the dating and use of the broch is limited due to the lack of modern excavations.[1] However, Torwoodlee Broch, two miles to the north, was built and destroyed during the Roman occupations of southern Scotland and it is likely that Bow Castle shared a similar history.[1]


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