Boyz N Girlz United

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Boyz N Girlz United
Genres Pop
Years active 19992001
Labels Wire Records
Associated acts Britney Spears
Past members Robbie Carrico
Daniel Dix
Rina Mayo
Criss Ruiz

Boyz N Girlz United, also known for Boyz n Girlz, was an American pop group consisting of members (two male, two female) Robbie Carrico (born November 13, 1981), Daniel Dix (born May 11, 1980), Rina Mayo (born April 25, 1981) and Criss Ruiz (born April 15, 1979). The group was signed to Johnny Wright's record label, Wire Records in 1999.


Boyz N Girlz United had a minor hit in 2000 with "Messed Around", a single that was written by former *NSYNC member JC Chasez, and released a full-length album that same year. From 1999 to 2001, they opened for Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" U.S. tour and "Oops I Did It Again" European tour, N'Sync's "No Strings Attached" U.S. tour, and were also part of the All That Music and More Festival. The same year, they co-headlined the Generation WB Concert at the Wichita River Festival in Wichita, Kansas, along with Irish band Mytown (now The Script). However, by the end of the year, the group disbanded. Carrico was also a member of the short-lived boy band trio, B-Factor in 2001.

Former member Robbie Carrico auditioned for season 7 of American Idol and was able to make it to the top 24. He was eliminated in the top 20 after just two weeks. During his time in the competition, Simon Cowell questioned Carrico's authenticity as a rock singer.



  • Boyz-N-Girlz United (released June 20, 2000)
  1. "Messed Around" (JC Chasez; Alexander Greggs; Brad Daymond) 3:04
  2. "Dance With Me" (Robbie Carrico; Daniel Dix; Rod Maruice; Tai Wilson) 3:18
  3. "Can't Stop Loving You" (JC Chasez; Alexander Greggs; Brad Daymond) 3:17
  4. "Beautiful You" (Jim Beenman; Rod Maurice; Tai Wilson) 3:41
  5. "That's What You Get" (Gary Baker; Jason Blume; Jerry Williams) 3:21
  6. "Don't Get What You See" (Rod Maurice; Tai Wilson) 3:10
  7. "Always" (David Lewis; Jonathan Lewis; Wayne Lewis) 4:46
  8. "They Say" (Rod Maurice; Tai Wilson) 3:28
  9. "Light Of Love" (Rod Maurice; Tai Wilson) 3:41
  10. "Lifetime" (Rod Maurice; Tai Wilson) 4:45
  11. "Just Gotta Make You Mine" (Rod Maurice; Tai Wilson) 3:09
  12. "Lost" (Rod Maurice) 4:08
  13. "Messed Around" [Extended Rough House Remix] (John Berry; Lacey) 6:41
  14. "That's What You Get" [Extended Dance Remix] 5:38


  • "Messed Around" (June 21, 2000)[1]


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