Brian Head Ski Resort

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Brian Head Ski Resort
Location Brian Head
Coordinates 37°41′N 112°50′W / 37.683°N 112.833°W / 37.683; -112.833Coordinates: 37°41′N 112°50′W / 37.683°N 112.833°W / 37.683; -112.833
Vertical 1,707 ft (520 m)
Top elevation 10,920 ft (3,330 m) [1]
Base elevation 9,600 ft (2,900 m)
Skiable area 665 acres (269 ha)[2]
Runs 71
Ski trail rating symbol-green circle.svg 35% beginner
Ski trail rating symbol-blue square.svg 35% intermediate
Ski trail rating symbol-black diamond.svg 20% advanced
Ski trail rating symbol-double black diamond.svg 10% expert[3]
Snowfall 360 in (910 cm) per year [4]

Brian Head Ski Resort is a ski destination for Southern Utah and the southern California, Arizona, and Las Vegas areas. It is located 3.5 hours north of Las Vegas and four hours south of Salt Lake City. The resort is Utah's southernmost as well as its highest elevation ski resort. Brian Head Resort was established in 1964, and once operated as a one chairlift resort. Currently, the resort has 8 chairlifts, 71 runs, and over 650 skiable acres. It also features a bridge between its two skiable mountains. Brian Head Resort is very Family Friendly, Affordable and has an Old School feel with modern amenities.


  • Base elevation: 9,600 ft (2926 m)
  • Summit elevation: 11,307 ft (3446 m)
  • Vertical rise: 1,707 ft (520 m)
  • Total mountain peaks: 2
  • Total skiable area: 660 acres (2.2 km²)
  • Lifts: (8 total)
    • 1 High Speed Quad chair, 6 Triple chairs, 1 double chair, and 2 surface lifts.
  • Terrain:
    • Beginner: 35%
    • Intermediate: 35%
    • Advanced 20%
    • Expert: 10%
  • Winter season: mid-November through mid-April.

Lifts and Additional Information[edit]

There are 8 chairs at the resort. Chair 6 is the only double. Chairs 1, 3-5, 7-8 are all triples. Chair 2 is a high speed quad installed in 2013. Lift names are as follows: 1: Wildflower 2: Giant Steps 3: Blackfoot 4: Navajo 5: Roulette 6: Pioneer 7: The Dunes (consistently wind swept) 8: Alpen Glow

The lifts 1, 4, and 6 are located on the Navajo Peak mountain and lifts 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8 are on the Brian Head Peak mountain. The ski bridge that connects the resorts goes over Utah Highway UT-143 with lift number 1 located just to the east of the bridge. The lift starts near the base of the Brian Head Peak side and goes to the top of the Navajo Peak side.

Navajo Peak[edit]

The Navajo Peak side provides more beginner and intermediate terrain. The number 6 lift provides the easiest terrain on the mountain and is perfect for beginners. There are also two surface lifts just below lift number 6 designed specifically for beginners. This side does not have any advanced (black diamond) runs. [5]

Brian Head Peak[edit]

The Brian Head Peak side provides a good balance of intermediate terrain and advanced terrain with some beginner runs near the base. There are advanced runs throughout this side with most advanced near the number 5, 7, and 8 lifts. Number 2 lift is the only high speed quad lift at the resort and takes you to the chair lift summit of 10,900 feet. [6]


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