Broad (English gold coin)

The Broad was an English coin worth 20 shillings issued by the Commonwealth of England in 1656. It was a milled gold coin weighing 9.0–9.1 grams, with a diameter of 29 or 30 millimetres, designed by Thomas Simon. The obverse of the coin depicts the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell as a laureated Roman emperor, with the inscription OLIVAR D G R P ANG SCO HIB &c PRO — Oliver, by the Grace of God, of the Republic of England, Ireland etc. Protector, while the reverse shows a crowned shield depicting the arms of the Commonwealth with the inscription PAX QVAERITVR BELLO 1656 -- Peace is sought through war; the current value of the coin in "very fine" to "extremely fine" condition is £3,500 to £6,000 as the pieces are rare, but fairly unworn, although a Mr Pinkerton, writing at the time that the coins circulated, noted that many of the coins in circulation were so worn as to be flat. A piedfort version of the coin with an edge inscription is known as a Fifty shilling piece; this is rare, there are few examples as it is a pattern.

Oliver Cromwell broad

2016 Hockey India League

The 2016 Hockey India League is the fourth season of the professional field hockey tournament. The Hockey India League began on 18 January and concluded with Punjab Warriors as champion against Kalinga Lancers in the final on 21 February. There were a total of 271 players available during the auction in Delhi, 135 being Indian players and 136 being foreign. Akashdeep Singh was won by Uttar Pradesh Wizards for $84,000 while Moritz Fürste was won by Kalinga Lancers for $105,000; the organizers of Hockey India League announced changes in rules for the 2016 edition. The changes put the focus back on the more traditional art of scoring; the weightage for field goals were double compared to the goals scored from penalty corners, meaning a field goal would count as two while converted short corner would still be considered as one goal. It was called a pilot project, if successful, would be introduced globally. Source: Pool standingsRules for classification: 1) points.

Rasmus Kofoed (cricketer)

Rasmus Frejlev Kofoed is a former Danish cricketer. Kofoed's batting style is unknown, he was born at Aalborg Municipality. Kofoed made his debut for Denmark in a List A match against the Leicestershire Cricket Board in the 1st round of English domestic cricket's 2003 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy, held in August 2002 to avoid fixture congestion early in the 2003 season. In the match, held at Ratcliffe College in Cossington, the LCB won the toss and elected to put Denmark into bat, with Denmark making 249/6 from their 50 overs, with Kofoed opening the innings and scoring 14 runs before he was dismissed by Neil Pullen; the LCB won the match by 4 wickets. Four years he made a second appearance for Denmark in a match against the Netherlands A; this was his final appearance for Denmark. Rasmus Kofoed at ESPNcricinfo Rasmus Kofoed at CricketArchive