Bronwyn Drainie

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Bronwyn Drainie
Born 1945
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Radio host, columnist, book reviewer, editor

Bronwyn Drainie is a Canadian arts journalist. She is the former editor of the Literary Review of Canada,[1] she has also been a columnist and book reviewer[2] for The Globe and Mail, and was formerly a host of programming on CBC Radio[3] including the flagship program Sunday Morning. She is the daughter of actors John Drainie and Claire Drainie Taylor.


  • Drainie, Bronwyn (1988). Living the Part: John Drainie and the Dilemma of Canadian Stardom. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada. ISBN 0-77159918-8. 
  • Drainie, Bronwyn (1994). My Jerusalem: Secular Adventures in the Holy City. Toronto: Doubleday Canada. ISBN 0-38525474-1. 


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