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Bronx Community District 7
Community District
Bronx Community Board 7 office.
Bronx Community Board 7 office.
Country  United States
State  New York
City New York City
Borough The Bronx
 • Chair Adaline Walker Santiago
 • District Manager Ischia Bravo
 • Total 1.9 sq mi (5 km2)
Population (2000)
 • Total 141,411
 • Density 74,000/sq mi (29,000/km2)
 • Hispanic 59.2%
 • African-American 20%
 • White 10.7%
 • Asian 6.4%
 • American Indian or Alaska Native 0.3%
 • Others 0.8%
ZIP codes 10453, 10458, 10463, 10467, 10468
Area codes 718, 347, 646, 917
Police Precinct 52nd (website)
Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Peter Fiorillo
[2] [1]

Bronx Community Board 7 the governing body of Bronx Community District 7, a local government unit of the city of New York. The Community District encompasses the neighborhoods of Bedford Park, Fordham, Jerome Park, Kingsbridge Heights, Norwood, and University Heights. It is delimited by the New York-New Haven Railroad, Webster Avenue, East Fordham Road, Jerome Avenue, and West 183rd Street to the east, Jerome Avenue, West Gun Hill Road, Goulden Avenue, Kingsbridge Road, West 225th Street, and the Harlem River to the west, West Gun Hill Road, Jerome Avenue, Bainbridge Avenue, and East 211th Street to the north and Hall of Fame Terrace to the south.

Community Board 7 chairs - past and present[edit]

The Chairperson of each Community Board is a member of a board known as the Borough Board. Each New York City Borough has its own Board, composed of the Board's Borough President, all of the New York City Council members from that Borough, and all of the Community Board Chairpersons. These Borough Boards are responsible for:

  • Community Board and city agency matters relating to the welfare of the borough and its residents; holding or conducting public hearings at its discretion;
  • Assisting agencies that deliver services within the borough to prepare and review service statements; preparing and planning for the physical growth, improvement and development of the borough;
  • Reviewing and making recommendations with respect to applications and proposals of public agencies and private entities for the use, development or improvement of land located in more than one district; mediating disputes and conflicts arising among two or more Community Boards in the borough;
  • Submitting a comprehensive statement of the expense and capital budget priorities and needs of the borough; keeping a public record of its activities and transactions, including minutes of the meetings, and to make these records available to elected officials upon request and for reasonable public inspection.
Bronx CB7 Chairs Term Duration
Adaline Walker Santiago 2010 2017
Gregory W. Faulkner 2010 2007
Paul Foster 2007 2002
Nora Feury 2002 1990

District Managers - Past & Present[edit]

Each Community Board has its own office, District Manager, and staff. The District Manager and the Board staff are hired by a Community Board and serve at the Board's pleasure. The District Manager establishes an office, hires staff, and implements procedures to improve the delivery of City services to the district.

District Managers play many different roles. They are complaint takers, municipal managers, information sources, community organizers, mediators, advocates, and much more. The main responsibility of the District office is to receive and resolve complaints from community residents. They also process permits for block parties, street fairs, etc. In addition, the office handles special projects such us organizing tenants and merchants associations, coordinating neighborhood cleanup programs, publicizing special events, and more, depending on community needs.

Bronx CB7 District Managers Term Duration
Ischia Bravo[3] 2017 Present
Andrew Sandler (Deceased)[3] 2017 2016
Dustin Engelken 2015 2014
Socrates Caba 2014 2013
Fernando P. Tirado 2012 2008
Rita Kessler 2007 1990

Current Executive Committee[edit]

The Community Board is the official municipal body whose mission is to advise and confer with government agencies, often in conjunction with local elected officials, on matters affecting the social and economic welfare of the district. The Committee Chairpersons of Bronx Community Board 7 do this by providing an open forum where residents can express their concerns involving the projects, programs and policies that affect their neighborhoods.

The Executive Committee, plays an important advisory role in land use and rezoning matters, on premise consumption liquor licenses and street activity permits. It is also responsible for identifying community needs as a part of the City’s budget process. Moreover, the Committee addresses the shared concerns of the community including organizing tenant’s associations, coordinating neighborhood cleanup programs, by working collectively with various governmental and non-governmental agencies such as the 52nd Precinct, 3-1-1, the Department of Buildings, Department of Sanitation, Environmental Protection, Metropolitan Transit Authority, NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, Department of Aging, Veterans Administration, and the New York Public Library, as well as other civic associations to coordinate and improve the delivery of municipal services.

Bronx CB7 Executive Committee Term Duration
Adaline Walker Santiago Chair
Barbara Stronczer 1st Vice-Chair
Robyn L. Saunders, MPA 2nd Vice-Chair
Andrew Laiosa 3rd Vice-Chair
Anthony Perez Treasurer
Nora Feury Secretary

Standing Committees[edit]

The chief function of the Community Board is to serve as a vehicle for resolving citizen complaints as it relates to city government and the residents of the community. When problems arise the Community Board is dealing with such city services as policing, street lights, parks use, sanitation, traffic or the fire department, housing, planning, senior citizens, environment, and youth services. The Community Board contacts and meets with the various city agencies to resolve the problems within the community. Any problem which affects part or all the community, from a traffic problem to deteriorating housing, is a proper concern of a Community Board.

Bronx CB7 Executive Committee Existing Chairperson Years Served
Budget, Personnel and Ethics Andrew Laiosa, Chair 2017 2016 2015
Community Relations & Long Term Planning Lorita Watson, Chair 2017
Economic Development Tiffany Wheatland-Disu, Chair 2017
Education, Libraries, Youth and Culture Joseph Nieves, Chair 2017
Environment and Sanitation Helene Hartman-Kutnowsky, Chair 2017 2016 2015
Health & Hospitals Anthony Perez, Chair 2017
Housing, Zoning and Land Use Jean Hill, Chair 2017 2016 2015 2014
Parks and Recreation Barbara Stronczer, Chair 2017 2016 2015 2014
Public Safety and Quality of Life Monique Weston, Chair 2017
Senior Services Lowell Green, Chair 2017
Traffic & Transportation Edgar Ramos, Chair 2017
Veterans Services Robyn L. Saunders, MPA, Chair 2017 2016 2015

Ad Hoc Committees[edit]

Ad Hoc Committees 2017 2016
By-Laws Robyn L. Saunders, MPA, Chair Anthony Perez, Chair
Website, Acknowledgement and Media Robyn L. Saunders, MPA, Chair Gwen Thomas-Steed, Chair


As of the United States 2000 Census, the Community District has a population of 141,411, up from 128,588 in 1990 and 116,825 in 1980. Of them, 83,750 (59.2%) are of Hispanic origin, 28,277 (20%) are Black, non-Hispanic, 15,164 (10.7%) are White, non-Hispanic, 9,114 (6.4%) are Asian or Pacific Islander, 383 (0.3%) American Indian or Alaska Native, 1,080 (0.8%) are some other race (non-Hispanic), and 3,643 (2.6%) of two or more races (non-Hispanic).


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