Bronze Sphinx of Thutmose III

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Bronze Sphinx of Thutmose III
Thutmose III sphinx E10897 mp3h8800-gradient.jpg
The Bronze Sphinx of Thutmose III, on display at the Louvre museum
Artist Unknown
Year circa 1479 to 1425 BCE
Medium Bronze with gold inlays
Subject Sphinx
Dimensions 7.80 cm × 3.85 cm × 8.85 cm (3.07 in × 1.52 in × 3.48 in)
Location Louvre, Paris
Owner Department of Egyptian Antiquities of the Louvre
Accession E 10897
Website Sphinx de Thoutmosis III

The Bronze Sphinx of Thutmose III is a statuette of a sphinx made during the 18th Dynasty of Egypt under the reight of Thutmose III, who ruled from c. 1479 to 1425 BCE. Adorned with multiple symbols of royal power, it might have been an element or a lock. It was purchased by the Lource in 1826, and is part of the permanent collections (room 24, Sully Wing, first floor).


The statuette is adorned with gold inlays highlighting symbols of royal power. The sphinx depicts Pharaoh reclining on the Nine Bows, which represent the traditional enemies of Egypt brought to submission. The front of the statuette uses the lapwing Rekhyt bird to spell: "all the people give praise", using the basket hieroglyph V30 𓎠 ("nb") for "all"; the lapwing hieroglyph G24 𓅛 ("rḫyt") for "the people"; and the star hieroglyph N14 𓇼 for "praising" (this is a rebus). Djed pillars of "Dominion" adorn on the side of the statuette.

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