Bubble Bobble Plus!

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Bubble Bobble Plus!
Developer(s)Taito, Dreams Inc.
  • JP: February 10, 2009
  • PAL: April 10, 2009
  • NA: May 25, 2009
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer
Bubble Bobble Neo!
Bubble Bobble Neo! Coverart.png
Developer(s)Taito, Dreams Inc.
Designer(s)Fukio Mitsuji (Original Game)
Platform(s)Xbox 360
Genre(s)Platform, Action
Mode(s)Up to 4 players simultaneously

Bubble Bobble Plus! (バブルボブル Plus!, Baburu Boburu Plus!) and Bubble Bobble Neo! (バブルボブル Neo!, Baburu Boburu Neo!) are remakes of the 1986 action-platformer arcade game Bubble Bobble. The games were developed and published by Taito. Bubble Bobble Plus! was released for WiiWare in Japan (as Bubble Bobble Wii (バブルボブル Wii, Baburu Boburu Wii)) on February 10, 2009,[4] in the PAL regions on April 10, 2009 and in North America on May 25, 2009[5] while Bubble Bobble Neo! was released on the Xbox Live Arcade download service for the Xbox 360 in Japan on August 5, 2009 and in North America on September 16, 2009.


As with previous games, the player will have to defeat all enemies across a number of screens by trapping them in bubbles and popping them. The normal mode features the original two playable characters, Bub and Bob, while the Arrange Mode adds support for up to 4 players, joined with female characters Peb and Pab,[6] as yellow and pink bubble dragons respectively.

The game contains several playing modes - a remake containing 100 classic stages and a new story mode with 100 new stages, as well as more difficult "Super" versions of those stages.

In addition, for Bubble Bobble Plus!, two downloadable content packs (Extra 1 and Extra 2) were released consisting of 50 "very hard" stages each, as well as new boss characters.[7] These Extra modes also include four player support.


Bubble Bobble Plus! received generally positive reviews. N-Europe praised the title, saying it had a wealth of content to enjoy, while the downloadable packs were fairly reasonably priced and offered a significantly ramped up challenge from the standard levels. The review scored the title 8/10.[8] IGN had this to say about the game, "Bubble Bobble is a classic game of adventure and betrayal, but the graphics and gameplay of this version of the game could have easily been done on a PS1." Robert Townslend of Game Informer said, "The whole Bubble Bobble thing has been done a thousand times before, but that doesn't make it any less amazing every time a new one comes out. Smash, bash, bubble fun time to be had."


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