Budding Prospects

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Budding Prospects
T c boyle budding prospects.jpg
US edition cover
Author T. C. Boyle
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Viking Press
Publication date
May 3, 1984
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
Pages 326 p.
ISBN 0-670-19439-5
OCLC 10146303
813/.54 19
LC Class PS3552.O932 B8 1984

Budding Prospects is a 1984 novel by T. C. Boyle. It details the misadventure of protagonist Felix Nasmyth, who plans to get rich by illegally growing marijuana.


Felix Nasmyth, the first-person narrator, is a young man who, as he tells readers right at the beginning of the book, has "always been a quitter". Without any hopes for the future, he is persuaded by one of his few friends to take part in a "summer camp"—a secluded rural area in Mendocino County, California-and grow marijuana on a large scale.

The illegal business venture seems doomed from the start, but for once Nasmyth decides to prove something to himself and follow through; in the end, after many misadventures, the venture is a failure.

At the same time Nasmyth has made the acquaintance of a lovely girl and has fallen in love with her, he ends his narrative on an optimistic note, returning to the girl with plans to "plant a little seed".

Book information[edit]

Budding Prospects by T. C. Boyle

TV adaptation[edit]

In September, 2016, Amazon Video greenlit a pilot based on the book, the series, based on the life of Kal Spelletich, stars Will Sasso as Gesh, and is directed by Terry Zwigoff. [1] The pilot became available for streaming on March 17, 2017.[2]


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