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The Bugle-Observer
Bugle Observer Logo.png
Bugle Observer Cover.jpg
TypeWeekly Newspaper
Owner(s)Brunswick News
PublisherJames K. Irving

The Bugle-Observer is a newspaper based in Woodstock, New Brunswick, which provides local news to Carleton and York Counties. The paper publishes twice weekly, on Tuesday and a weekend edition on Friday.


Woodstock's newspaper began as two papers, The Bugle and The Observer in the neighboring town of Hartland; the papers merged to become the Bugle-Observer and today provide all of Carleton County with the latest news and events. In 2008 The Bugle Observer celebrated its 100th Anniversary in the Woodstock market, one of the oldest newspapers in New Brunswick; the Bugle-Observer is published Tuesday and the Bugle-Observer Weekend is distributed Friday.

The paper is owned by Brunswick News; the paper has gone by the name of The Bugle since it began in 1963 until it was sold to Brunswick News in 2003. When the Bugle began there was a rival newspaper called was called The Sentinel Press; the paper in neighboring town Hartland, the Observer, was bought by Brunswick News and the two were combined, merging both paper's staffs into one office in Woodstock, publishing each paper separately for a short time before combining them into one single edition to cover both towns and surrounding areas. Soon after the merge, a competing paper, called the Carleton Free Press was established by its former publisher, Ken Langdon;[1] that paper folded after a year.

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