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Bundesstraße 462
The B 462 in the Murg valley near Gernsbach-Obertsrot
Route information
Length 114 km (71 mi)
States Baden-Württemberg
Highway system

The Bundesstraße 462 (B 462) is a German Bundesstraße or federal road. It runs from the Upper Rhine Plain near Rastatt for about 114 kilometres (71 mi) through the northern Black Forest to Rottweil. The section from Rastatt to Freudenstadt, which runs through the Murg valley to Baiersbronn, has been known since the 1960s as the Black Forest Valleys Road (Schwarzwald-Tälerstraße) and, along with the B 500 (Black Forest High Road), is one of the tourist routes in the Black Forest. Both roads meet in Freudenstadt. In 2001 the section from Rastatt to Gaggenau was widened into a dual carriageway as far as Schloss Bad Rotenfels (Landesakademie) and a further widening to the centre of Gaggenau is planned. In 1997, the road through Gernsbach was relieved by the building of the 1,527-metre-long Gernsbach Tunnel.


The B 462 runs through the following larger settlements: Rastatt, Kuppenheim, Gaggenau, Gernsbach, Weisenbach, Forbach, Baiersbronn, Freudenstadt, Alpirsbach, Schenkenzell, Schiltach, Schramberg, Rottweil. From there the B 14 continues to Tuttlingen.

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