Bundesstraße 75

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Bundesstraße 75
B075 Verlauf.svg
B75 Scheessel.jpg
B75 in Scheeßel
Route information
Length 207 km (129 mi)
(partially replaced by Bundesautobahn and Landstraße)
Major junctions
Northeast end Lübeck borough of Travemünde
Southwest end Delmenhorst near Bremen
States Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Bremen
Highway system

The Bundesstraße 75 (or B 75) is a German federal highway running in a northeast to southwest direction from the Lübeck borough of Travemünde to Delmenhorst near Bremen.

The highway goes through the Herren Tunnel under the Trave river just shy of its northeastern terminus. It formerly crossed a drawbridge that the tunnel replaced.

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