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Bundesstraße 81
Route information
Length 93 km (58 mi)
Major junctions
States Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia
Highway system

The German Bundesstraße 81 (abbreviated to: B81) acts as a main road link between the Magdeburg, Halberstadt and Nordhausen.


It begins in the city of Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt at the Bundesstraße 71 (Magdeburg Ring). Just before the southern end of Magdeburg is the junction with the A 14 motorway, this is followed by the Langenweddingen ring road. This section was upgraded in the wake of the Langenweddingen train crash, in which 94 people were killed on 6 July 1967.

South of Langenweddingen the B 81 crosses the B 246a, which runs from Wanzleben (West) to Schönebeck (Elbe) (Ost).

In the area of the Egeln ring road the B 180 from Wanzleben joins B 81, as the ring road continues it crosses the River Bode. Following that the B 180 joins from Aschersleben.

The B 81 continues along the Kroppenstedt ring road, built in 2007/2008, and crosses the Bode again as it bypasses the village of Gröningen.

Shortly before Halberstadt it is crossed by the B 245 from Schwanebeck and Eilsleben, in Halberstadt it meets the B 79. The B 81 continues, linking the town of Halberstadt with the North Harz motorway, the B 6n, to the west, as a result, a similar autobahn-like expansion of this road section is one of the broader requirements listed in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan (Bundesverkehrswegeplan, BVWP).

The B 81 crosses the B 6n at the Blankenburg-Zentrum junction; in Blankenburg it meets the B 27.

The B 81 continues through the Harz Mountains. About 6 km beyond Blankenburg it passes through the small hamlet of Wendefurth. Below the Wendefurth Reservoir the B 81 crosses the Bode and continues on the Wendefurther Steige to the upper basin of the Wendefurth Power Station.

After a further 7 km the road reaches the climatic spa of Hasselfelde, where it forms a junction with the B 242.

Finally the B 81 crosses the state border between Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia reaching Netzkater in the borough of Ilfeld, where it ends at a crossroads with the B 4.

Upgrade situation[edit]

From its start in Magdeburg to the junction with the B 180 from Aschersleben the B 81 has been upgraded to four-lanes. Only a roughly 5.5 kilometre long section to Egeln is still two lanes. Currently this section is being upgraded to four; in the remaining stretch, the ring roads around Kroppenstedt and Gröningen have two lanes. The bypasses around Halberstadt and Blankenburg are a high priority in the current Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan. Currently it is in the planning phase, the ring road around Hasselfelde is a further requirement.

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