Bust of Carlo Antonio del Pozzo

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Bust of Carlo Antonio del Pozzo
Bust of Carlo Antonio del Pozzo by Bernini.jpg
Year 1622 (1622)
Type Sculpture
Medium Marble
Subject Carlo Antonio del Pozzo
Dimensions 82 cm (32 in)
Location National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh
Coordinates Coordinates: 55°57′0.28″N 3°11′44.13″W / 55.9500778°N 3.1955917°W / 55.9500778; -3.1955917

The Bust of Carlo Antonio del Pozzo is a sculptural portrait by the Italian artist Gianlorenzo Bernini. It is in the National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh. Carlo Antonio was the Archbishop of Pisa and the uncle of the noted seventeenth-century collector, Cassiano del Pozzo, who commissioned Bernini to create the sculpture.[1]

It was acquired by the National Gallery of Scotland in 1986, at a cost of 3m British Pounds, although the value at the time was said to be much higher (around 7.5m pounds). It had previously been in the British stately palace of Castle Howard, since 1715.[2]


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