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Butler Road was a train station in South San Francisco, California, in operation until July 1983[1] on the Peninsula Commute, a commuter rail service run by Southern Pacific between San Francisco and communities on the San Francisco Peninsula. The Butler Road train shelter was built in 1926,[2] it was located adjacent to a steel mill that opened in 1913, was purchased by the Western Pipe and Steel Company in 1917, and was owned from 1948 by United States Steel and its divisions,[3] which closed the mill in 1983.[4] Service to the Butler Road stop was also discontinued that year.

The Butler Road stop was relatively little-used for much of its existence; in 1958, for example, only four of the 27 total northbound weekday commuter trains stopped at the station.[5] In 1978, only three of the 22 total northbound weekday trains stopped there.[6]

Butler Road, the road itself, has been renamed Oyster Point Boulevard,[7] the Peninsula Commute service was renamed Caltrain in 1985, the name by which it is still known.

The Butler Road station was located between the still-operational Bayshore and South San Francisco stations.

Coordinates: 37°39′46″N 122°23′54″W / 37.66278°N 122.39833°W / 37.66278; -122.39833 (Butler Road (Peninsula Commute station))


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