Bywell Bridge

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Bywell Bridge
Bridge over the Tyne at Bywell - - 37255.jpg
Bywell Bridge
Coordinates 54°57′07″N 1°55′12″W / 54.952°N 1.920°W / 54.952; -1.920Coordinates: 54°57′07″N 1°55′12″W / 54.952°N 1.920°W / 54.952; -1.920
Carries Road
Crosses River Tyne
Locale Northumberland, England
Heritage status Grade II listed
Design arch
Material stone
No. of spans 5
Designer George Basevi[1]
Construction start 1836[2]
Opened 1838[1][2]
Daily traffic single carriageway
Toll No
Bywell Bridge is located in Northumberland
Bywell Bridge
Bywell Bridge
Red pog.svg Bywell Bridge shown within Northumberland
grid reference NZ052619

Bywell Bridge is a 19th-century stone bridge carrying the B6309 road across the River Tyne in Northumberland, England. Just south of the bridge is Stocksfield, and just to the west is Bywell. It is a Grade II listed building.[2]


The bridge was opened in 1838. It was built at a cost of £15,000, which was paid by the local landowner T W Beaumont.[3] The designer was the architect George Basevi.[1] The bridge joins Bywell and the adjoining roads with Stocksfield.[1] It is of ashlar masonry, with five segmental arches crossing the river, and two flood arches, without parapets, to the south.[4]

The remains of the piers of an ancient bridge, believed to be Roman, stood nearby until demolished on Beaumont's instructions when work on the present bridge began.[5][6]


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