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C&C 110
Designer Tim Jackett
Location United States
Year 1999
Builder(s) C&C Yachts
Boat weight 10,900 lb (4,944 kg)
Type Monohull
Construction Fiberglass
LOA 36.33 ft (11.07 m)
LWL 31.50 ft (9.60 m)
Beam 12.00 ft (3.66 m)
Hull draft 6.50 ft (1.98 m)
Engine type inboard
Hull appendages
Keel/board type fin keel
Ballast 4,200 lb (1,905 kg)
Rudder(s) internally-mounted spade-type rudder
General Masthead sloop
I (foretriangle height) 51.00 ft (15.54 m)
J (foretriangle base) 14.00 ft (4.27 m)
P (mainsail luff) 45.00 ft (13.72 m)
E (mainsail foot) 15.50 ft (4.72 m)
Mainsail area 348.75 sq ft (32.400 m2)
Jib/genoa area 357.00 sq ft (33.166 m2)
Total sail area 705.75 sq ft (65.566 m2)
PHRF 81 (average)

The C&C 110, originally called the 110 Express at introduction, is an American sailboat, that was designed by Tim Jackett and entered production in 1999.[1][2][3]

The boat was built by C&C Yachts in the United States, but it is now out of production.[1]


The C&C 110 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass. It has a masthead sloop rig, an internally-mounted spade-type rudder and a fixed fin keel. It displaces 10,900 lb (4,944 kg) and carries 4,200 lb (1,905 kg) of lead ballast.[1][2]

The first examples built were made with vinylester resin, but in 2002, this was changed to a post cure epoxy to reduce weight. The rudder section was also altered to give better control in higher winds.[1]

The initial standard rig was made by Offshore Spars and was configured with triple spreaders and rod rigging. This was later changed a double spreader rig with wire rigging made by Seldén Mast AB of Sweden, but the Offshore Spars triple spreader rig remained optional. The standard rig was changed to a carbon fiber one in 2004.[1]

A 5 ft (1.52 m) bowsprit was also a factory option.[1]

The design had a choice of keels. When introduced in 1999 there was an option of a standard keel with a draft of 6.00 ft (1.83 m), a shoal draft keel with a draft of 4.83 ft (1.47 m) and a deep keel with a draft of 7.25 ft (2.21 m). In 2001 a newly designed "high performance keel" was introduced with a draft of 6.50 ft (1.98 m) and the deep draft keel was dropped as an option.[1]

The boat was fitted with an inboard engine. Its fuel tank holds 26 U.S. gallons (98 L; 22 imp gal) and the fresh water tank has a capacity of 70 U.S. gallons (260 L; 58 imp gal).[1]

The boat has a PHRF racing average handicap of 81 with a high of 93 and low of 75. It has a hull speed of 7.52 kn (13.93 km/h).[2]

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