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Government-owned corporation
FoundedNovember 7, 2008 (2008-11-07) [1]
ProductsRFID, Digital media and Wireless Communication
OwnerBrazilian Government

The Centro Nacional de Tecnologia Electrônica Avançada S.A (CEITEC - National Center for Advanced Electronic Technology) is a Brazilian technology center specialized in project development and fabrication in microelectronics, i.e. integrated circuits, or "chips". This center is one of the agents for the Brazilian Microelectronics Program (PNM - Programa Nacional de Microelectrônica).

The main objective of CEITEC is to provide an incentive to the production of semiconductor components and microelectronics education; this project is part of the technology and industrial development policy of the federal Brazilian government. The initiative is a result of a partnership between governmental entities, universities, research centers and companies and will be operating in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul in a 13,650 m² facility divided into:

Research and Products[edit]

  • Chip do Boi

Chip do Boi is CEITEC S.A.’s first commercial product and is the first chip designed in Brazil by Brazilian engineers in a company that was home grown and home funded to reach volume production at a world-class semiconductor manufacturing facility. This IC device is used for cattle tracking – essentially an electronic cow ID. Embedded in an ear ring, the chip can be read within a distance of 50 cm; the chip was designed in entirely in Brazil and is competitively priced. This device is being manufactured at X-Fab Silicon Foundries in Germany.This company has been chosen by CEITEC to produce the Chip do Boi design at its facilities because X-Fab CMOS 0.6 micron technology is the same that will soon be available in CEITEC’s own factory that will be the first of its kind in Latin America to manufacture RF analog/digital products. It can produce up to 100 million chips per year using 6-inch wafers.

CEITEC’s Chip do Boi is an advanced LF-RFID device designed for use in Brazil’s cattle industry as part of a leading-edge system to track livestock. Forecasted domestic demand for the chip is as high as 1.5 million units for 2012 with an expected minimum growth rate of 10 percent a year over the next decade.

  • Transportation Chip

The chip contains all vehicle data, including chassis and national registration numbers, taxes and fines not paid, etc.

  • Blood Bag Chip

The chip is embedded in an electronic tag, it ensures the traceability and safety of blood products.

Design House[edit]

The Design House worked on projects funded by FINEP.



  • To offer infrastructure in form of labs, equipment and human resources to companies, research and development (R&D) centers and universities in order to promote the microelectronic technology in Brazil.
  • Stimulate the local development in microelectronic projects and education, which implies new qualified jobs and income distribution.


  • Support human resources qualification in integrated circuit production processes;
  • Provide integrated circuit production services to industries and for scientific and technological research purposes;
  • Stimulate the construction of a national network of technological services, enabling the qualification of electronics products and processes;
  • Transfer technology on microelectronics to companies in the electronics sector for the competitive qualification of products, processes, and services.


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