CFS Chibougamau

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Canadian Forces Station Chibougamau
Coordinates 49°56′53″N 74°20′35″W / 49.94804°N 74.34310°W / 49.94804; -74.34310 (CFS Chibougamau C-42)
Type Radar Station
Code C-42
Site information
Controlled by  Royal Canadian Air Force
Site history
Built 1960-1962
Built by  Royal Canadian Air Force
In use 1962-1988
CFS Chibougamau is located in Quebec
CFS Chibougamau
CFS Chibougamau
Location of Canadian Forces Station Chibougamau, Quebec

CFS Chibougamau, or RCAF Station Chibougamau (pre-1967), housed the 10 Radar Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force). The facility was a military radar installation in Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada, that formed part of the Pinetree Line. Shortly after opening, in 1963, it was converted to semi-automated operation using the NORAD SAGE system. The station was operated exclusively by the Royal Canadian Air Force.[1]

Construction took place from the summer of 1960 until the end of September 1962. It officially opened on May 1, 1962, and closed some time in 1988.[2]


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