Cabinet of Victor de Broglie

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Cabinet of Victor de Broglie
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cabinet of France
De Broglie 1843.jpg
Date formed 12 March 1835
Date dissolved 22 February 1836
People and organisations
Head of state Louis Philippe I
Head of government Victor de Broglie
Predecessor Cabinet of
Édouard Adolphe Mortier
Successor First cabinet of
Adolphe Thiers

The Cabinet of Victor de Broglie was announced on 12 March 1835 by King Louis Philippe I. It replaced the Cabinet of Édouard Adolphe Mortier.

On 14 January 1836 the Minister of Finance, Georges Humann, presented the draft budget for 1837 to the Chamber of Deputies. This included a proposal for conversion of debt that had not been discussed with his cabinet colleagues. The proposal caused an unexpected storm of controversy, and Humann was forced to resign on 18 January 1836. The issue led to a public debate, followed by the collective resignation of the cabinet.[1] The cabinet was replaced on 22 February 1836 by the First cabinet of Adolphe Thiers.[2]


The cabinet was created by ordinance of 12 March 1835. The ministers were:[3]


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