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Caetano N'Tchama (born 1955) is a Guinea-Bissau politician and former Prime Minister. He held that position from 19 February 2000 to 19 March 2001 and is a member of the Social Renewal Party (PRS).

N'Tchama served as Minister of the Interior under Prime Minister Francisco Fadul from 1999 to 2000;[1] in Fadul's national unity government, which was sworn in on February 20, 1999, N'Tchama was one of the members chosen by Ansumane Mane's military junta.[2] Following the election of PRS leader Kumba Ialá as President, N'Tchama, who was the third ranking leader of the PRS and is a cousin of Ialá, was chosen by the PRS as Prime Minister in a party vote on 24 January 2000, with 46 votes in favor and six opposed.[3] In late September and early October 2000, he was in Dakar and then Paris for medical treatment.[4] After Fadul accused N'Tchama of corruption, N'Tchama said in October 2000 that he planned to take legal action against Fadul due to these accusations.[5]

In March 2001, the PRS held discussions on replacing N'Tchama as Prime Minister.[6] Ialá dismissed N'Tchama on March 19, saying that this move was necessary to increase stability and decrease political tension.[7] N'Tchama subsequently became head of the Internal Audit Board before being appointed as Attorney General on September 6, 2001.[8]


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