Caifanes (album)

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Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 28, 1988
RecordedDecember 1987–February 1988
Length45:56 (CD re-release)
33:28 (original LP)
  • Cachorro López
  • Caifanes
Caifanes chronology
El diablito

Caifanes is the self-titled debut studio album by Mexican rock band Caifanes. It was released in 1988 after the success of their first singles, "Mátenme porque me muero" and "La bestia humana"; the original release of the album did not contain the songs "La negra Tomasa" and "Perdí mi ojo de venado", which were released in 1989 as singles and later incorporated into the album when it was re-released on Compact disc in 1993. It is undergoing a re-pressing process as of March 2011.

The LP is also referred to as Volumen 1 or Mátenme porque me muero.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Saul Hernandez, except where noted.

1."Mátenme porque me muero" (Kill Me Because I'm Dying) 3:31
2."Te estoy mirando" (I'm Watching You) 3:44
3."La negra Tomasa" (Black Woman Tomasa)Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe7:55
4."Cuéntame tu vida" (Tell Me Your Life Story) 4:22
5."Será por eso" (Could That Be Why) 3:34
6."Viento" (Wind) 3:57
7."Nunca me voy a transformar en ti" (I'm Never Going to Turn Into You) 3:05
8."Perdí mi ojo de venado" (I Lost My Deer's Eye[note 1]) 4:33
9."Amanece" (Dawn)Diego Herrera3:12
10."La bestia humana" (The Human Beast) 3:19
11."Nada" (Nothing)Herrera4:44
Total length:45:56



  • Saul Hernandez – vocals, guitar (except on "La bestia humana")
  • Alfonso Andre – drums, miscellaneous percussion
  • Sabo Romo – bass
  • Diego Herrera – keyboards, saxophone

Additional musicians[edit]


  1. ^ An "ojo de venado", literally "deer's eye", is a seed that in Mexico is used as a charm to protect against evil and tragedy.