Caillot v. Deetken

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Caillot v. Deetken
Seal of the United States Supreme Court.svg
Submitted January 12, 1885
Decided January 26, 1885
Full case name Caillot & Another v. Deetken
Citations 113 U.S. 215 (more)
Court membership
Chief Justice
Morrison Waite
Associate Justices
Samuel F. Miller · Stephen J. Field
Joseph P. Bradley · John M. Harlan
William B. Woods · T. Stanley Matthews
Horace Gray · Samuel Blatchford
Case opinions
Majority Miller, joined by unanimous

Caillot v. Deetken, 113 U.S. 215 (1885), was a writ of error filed in the circuit court recorded March 16, 1882, and the transcript that was returned with it was filed in this Court November 28, 1884. Two full terms of the Court had passed between the filing of the writ of error in the circuit court and its return with the transcript into this Court.[1]

This Court can acquire no jurisdiction under a writ of error where the return to it is made by filing the transcript of the record here after the expiration of the term of this Court next succeeding the filing of the writ in the circuit court.

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