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Calgary Trail
Alberta Highway 2.svg
104 Street
Maintained by the City of Edmonton
and Alberta Transportation
Length 14.6 km (9.1 mi)
Location Edmonton
South end City Limits (41 Avenue SW)
Ellerslie Road, Anthony Henday Drive, 23 Avenue, 34 Avenue, Whitemud Drive, 51 Avenue, 63 Avenue, Whyte Avenue
North end Saskatchewan Drive

Calgary Trail is a major one-way arterial road in south Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is a major commuter route for communities south of Edmonton, such as Leduc.

The road begins at Saskatchewan Drive in Old Strathcona as 104 Street, which runs as a two-way street until it reaches University Avenue. It continues in a southbound direction to 55 Avenue, when it becomes Calgary Trail. At Whitemud Drive, Highway 2 follows Calgary Trail. Near 31 Avenue, the road veers slightly to the east and a median is all that separates Calgary Trail from Gateway Boulevard (headed northbound). The road continues as a two-way freeway to the city limits and further south towards the Edmonton International Airport, Red Deer, and Calgary as the Queen Elizabeth II Highway.


The road is the remnant of the northern terminus of the Calgary and Edmonton Trail, a land transport route between the fur trading posts of Fort Edmonton and Fort Calgary, used as far back as the early 1800s.[1] Calgary Trail previously had Northbound and Southbound designations, and were renamed in 2001 as Gateway Boulevard and Calgary Trail, respectively. Initially, the name change met with some controversy,[2][3] the name Calgary Trail stood for many years, as this was Alberta's primary highway to Calgary following the rail lines. The rails no longer continue north past Whyte Avenue; however, CPR still has a rail yard serving the industrial district along the east side of Gateway Boulevard.


List of neighbourhoods Calgary Trail runs through or next to, in order from south to north:[4]

Interchanges and intersections[edit]

This is a list of major intersections, starting at the south end of Calgary Trail.[4]

Direction Intersecting road Current intersection type Coordinates
Continues as Hwy 2 south – Edmonton International Airport, Leduc, Red Deer, Calgary
South-North 41 Avenue SW Partial cloverleaf interchange A-4 53°23′45″N 113°30′35″W / 53.39583°N 113.50972°W / 53.39583; -113.50972 (Calgary x 41SW)
Ellerslie Road (9 Avenue SW) Diamond interchange 53°25′29″N 113°29′35″W / 53.42472°N 113.49306°W / 53.42472; -113.49306 (Calgary x 9SW)
Hwy 216 / Anthony Henday Drive (Exit 39) Stack interchange 53°26′14″N 113°29′25″W / 53.43722°N 113.49028°W / 53.43722; -113.49028 (Calgary x Henday)
19 Avenue NW / 102 Street Flyover, no southbound entrance 53°26′48″N 113°29′34″W / 53.44667°N 113.49278°W / 53.44667; -113.49278 (Calgary x 19NW)
23 Avenue NW Diamond interchange 53°27′14″N 113°29′33″W / 53.45389°N 113.49250°W / 53.45389; -113.49250 (Calgary x 23NW)
Freeway ends, splits into one-way pair 53°27′39″N 113°29′33″W / 53.46083°N 113.49250°W / 53.46083; -113.49250 (Calgary x Gateway)
34 Avenue NW At-grade (traffic lights) 53°28′4″N 113°29′44″W / 53.46778°N 113.49556°W / 53.46778; -113.49556 (Calgary x 34NW)
G.A. MacDonald Avenue At-grade 53°28′33″N 113°29′44″W / 53.47583°N 113.49556°W / 53.47583; -113.49556 (Calgary x MacDonald)
Hwy 2 north / Hwy 14 east / Whitemud Drive Diamond interchange (traffic lights)
Hwy 2 turns west.
53°28′50″N 113°29′44″W / 53.48056°N 113.49556°W / 53.48056; -113.49556 (Calgary x Whitemud)
51 Avenue At-grade (traffic lights) 53°29′17″N 113°29′42″W / 53.48806°N 113.49500°W / 53.48806; -113.49500 (Calgary x 51)
54 Avenue (to Gateway Boulevard) At-grade 53°29′28″N 113°29′42″W / 53.49111°N 113.49500°W / 53.49111; -113.49500 (Calgary x 54)
Becomes 104 Street
61 Avenue At-grade (traffic lights) 53°29′53″N 113°29′52″W / 53.49806°N 113.49778°W / 53.49806; -113.49778 (104 x 61)
Allendale Road / 63 Avenue At-grade (traffic lights) 53°29′59″N 113°29′52″W / 53.49972°N 113.49778°W / 53.49972; -113.49778 (104 x 63)
University Avenue At-grade 53°30′42″N 113°29′51″W / 53.51167°N 113.49750°W / 53.51167; -113.49750 (104 x University)
Whyte (82) Avenue At-grade (traffic lights) 53°31′5″N 113°29′51″W / 53.51806°N 113.49750°W / 53.51806; -113.49750 (104 x 82)
Saskatchewan Drive At-grade (traffic lights) 53°31′24″N 113°29′51″W / 53.52333°N 113.49750°W / 53.52333; -113.49750 (104 x Saskatchewan)
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