California's 12th congressional district special election, 2008

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California's 12th congressional district special election, 2008 occurred on April 8, 2008. California's 12th congressional district was vacated following the death of Democrat Tom Lantos on February 11, 2008.[1] The special election was called by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to fill the vacancy for the remainder of Lantos's term ending on January 3, 2009.[2] The special election took the form of an open primary. Another election would have taken place on June 3 had no candidate received a majority.[3]

Democrat Jackie Speier won a majority of the votes in the open primary and therefore won the election.


The following individuals appeared in the certified list of candidates and the certified list of write-in candidates published by the California Secretary of State, and were thus eligible to receive votes in the special primary election.[4][5]




  • Kevin Peterson, a write-in candidate


  • Robert "Rock" Brickell-Viagra, a write-in candidate
  • Greg Conlon, a businessman and former member of the California Public Utilities Commission, who favored deregulation.
  • Mike Moloney, a retired businessman who ran for the seat in 2002 and 2006


California's 12th congressional district special election, 2008[7]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Jackie Speier 66,279 77.72
Republican Greg Conlon 7,990 9.37
Democratic Michelle McMurry 4,546 5.33
Republican Mike Moloney 4,517 5.30
Green Barry Hermanson 1,947 2.28
Libertarian Kevin Peterson (write-in) 2 0.00
Valid ballots 85,281 98.95
Invalid or blank votes 903 1.05
Total votes 86,184 100.00
Turnout {{{votes}}} 25.69
Democratic hold


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