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DGS headquarters located at The Ziggurat in West Sacramento

The California Department of General Services (DGS) is a state government agency in the California Government Operations Agency of the executive branch of the government of California in the United States. It provides a large number of services to other agencies in the government of California, playing a role that is similar to that played by the General Services Administration for the federal government of the United States.

Since 2001, DGS headquarters has been located at The Ziggurat in West Sacramento.[1]


The Department of General Services acts as the business manager for the state of California. DGS helps state government better serve the public by providing services to state agencies including procurement and acquisition solutions, real estate management, leasing and design services, environmentally friendly transportation, and architectural oversight and funding for the construction of safe schools.

Offices and divisions[edit]

The agency is organized into several divisions and offices, and employs more than approximately 4,000 employees.

  • Administrative Hearings
  • Building Standards Commission
  • Enterprise Technology Solutions
  • Facilities Management Division
  • Fiscal Services
  • Fleet Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Interagency Support Division
  • Legal Services
  • Legislation
  • Procurement
  • Office of Public School Construction
  • Real Estate Services
  • Risk and Insurance Management
  • Small Business and DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) certification services
  • State Architect
  • State Publishing

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