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Call Capture technology is both a phone and text-based technology that captures personal data from persons who inquire for information on something; usually a property for sale or rent. After the call is placed, the system notifies a client of the name and phone number of the person calling. The system was designed to generate leads specifically for the real estate industry.

Sample service[edit]

Real estate agents for example might display their call capture phone number on a sign rider (usually a 24X6 rider on top of a "For Sale" yard sign), with a call to action like "Info 24-7." There is usually a property identification number (usually 2-6 digits) along with the local or toll free phone number that can be called (or texted) for information. Information about a property is delivered audibly via a phone call, or provided by text link.

The assigned real estate agent receives a lead by email or text that a client is listening to a property presentation, or that a response text link has been sent on a particular property. The lead usually includes the caller ID of the inbound phone number, the name of the party associated to the incoming phone number and the property that was just inquired-on. Some call capture systems allow Multiple agents to be called simultaneously with the first responding agent getting the call/lead.

Levels of service[edit]

Basic Call Capture service is generally NOT integrated with MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and requires the recording of each property presentation

MLS-integrated Call Capture service operates on all listings in an MLS database and use street numbers (vs property codes) for indexing all properties. These systems require automated voicing to keep audio presentations updated.